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How to make silicon in Builderment

We'll walk you through an easy to follow step-by-step process on how to get Silicon in Builderment.
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In Builderment, you are looking to create an efficient factory layout that will take raw resources and turn them into advanced equipment. This may sound easy, but creating a well laid out assembly line will take planning and thought! If you’ve gotten the urge to create your own factory, you will want to know how to make some of the harder to craft items in the game!

Silicon is more of a mid-game resource that you will need to start creating things like Logic Circuits which are crucial to producing high tech recipes that will be needed later in the game. If you do not see Silicon available as a recipe in your Furnace, you will need to complete more of the Technology tasks until you unlock it!

How to get Silicon in Builderment

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To make Silicon in Builderment, you will need to locate Stone, extract it, and send it to a Workshop to make Sand. Once you are producing Sand, you will need to guide it to a Furnace to create Silicon!

  1. Locate Stone

    The first step towards making silicon is finding Stone. It is a pale gray looking resource that should be fairly abundant around your island.Builderment Stone Resource Image

  2. Add an Extractor

    Now that you’ve located Stone, we will need to mine it. You can go into the build menu and find the Extract to place it on the stone. As a shortcut, you can tap on the Stone node and tap the bottom right button which will automatically put an Extractor on the node!Builderment Stone Extractors Image

  3. Add a Workshop to make Sand

    Now you need to build some belts from your Extractors and lead them to a Workshop. Once you have the Workshop built, tap on it and hit the Select a Recipe button. Pick the Sand option from the list!Builderment Sand Recipe Image

  4. Add a Furnace to make Silicon

    Add another belt or two and then create a Furnace. This will heat up the Sand and turn it into Silicon. Just tap on the Furnace, hit the Select a Recipe button, and choose Silicon from the list. It will take two Sand to create one Silicon.Builderment Silicon Process Image

That’s everything you need to know about getting silicon in Builderment! You can learn a lot more about the game in the Builderment section of our website.

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