How to Get Slash of Duality in Blade Ball

Wondering how to get the new OP ability Slash of Duality in Blade Ball? We explain all the steps needed to get this ability using Eternal Spins!
Blade Ball Slash Of Duality
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Blade Ball has added a new ability called Slash of Duality. This ability allows the user to unleash two distinct slashes, one Dark and one Light, each causing a different effect on the ball. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get this new ability, Slash of Duality, in Blade Ball.

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Blade Ball Slash of Duality Guide

To get the Slash of Duality ability in Blade Ball, you must land on three items in the Enteral Spins raffle, more specifically, three items from the Epic Raffle. There is currently no other way to get this skill.

  • Lightwalker
  • Shadow Fang
  • Infinity / Eternal Token

Once you have all three, you’ll automatically unlock Slash of Duality in your Skills/Skin and be ready to use for your next game. However, even if you own Infinity, it doesn’t matter, as the Eternal Token will have replaced Infinity, and you must land on it instead.

Blade Ball Slash Of Duality Raffle
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How to Unlock Slash of Duality in Blade Ball

To unlock Slash of Duality, you need to acquire 400 Souls for each spin or bypass Stars completely and purchase spins with Robux—99 Robux for one spin or 799 Robux for 10. Once you have either, you can spin on the Eternal Spin raffle. This raffle has two phases: the Basic raffle and the Epic raffle. All players automatically start on the Basic raffle.

To get to the Epic raffle from the Basic raffle, you need to land on the Good and Evil Chest Chest, which is a 3% chance. Upon landing on this 3% chest, you’ll automatically spin on the Epic raffle. Landing on any other chest will not upgrade you to the Epic Raffle.

There are four items you can acquire in the Epic raffle, and only three are needed to get Slash of Duality. But you can only land on one at a time. Meaning, you have to keep playing the raffle, land on the 3% chest, and hopefully land on the other items needed.

Eternal Spin Raffle Odds

  • Basic Raffle – Phase One
    • 3% – Good and Evil Chest – Moves you to Phase Two (Epic raffle)
    • 10% – Emote
    • 23% – Premium Sword Crate
    • 28% – Premium Explosion Crate
    • 30% – Coins
  • Epic Raffle – Phase Two
    • 5% – Infinity / Eternal Token
    • 19% – Shadow Fang
    • 42% – Lightwalker
    • 34% – Shadow Step Emote

How to Use Slash of Duality in Blade Ball

The Slash of Duality is unique, as it gives players two options when used in the game: a Dark Slash or a Light Slash, each of which causes a different effect on the ball.

  • Dark Slash launches the ball slowly at first, but it gains speed over time. This slow start gives players a chance to react and block it, especially if they’re not too quick. Additionally, the ball curves a lot, making it challenging to predict its path.
  • Light Slash sends the ball instantly without any curve. When targeted, players glow white, signaling that they are the intended recipients of the ability. This glow gives them the opportunity to block the incoming ball.
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