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How to get Star Jelly in Cookie Run Kingdom

We're taking a look at all of the known ways to collect Star Jelly in Cookie Run: Kingdom!
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Cookie Run: Kingdom is a game made by the developers at Dev Sisters that will have you gathering up Cookie pals and heading into battle to save the world from dessert monsters! If you’re looking to upgrade your Cookie friends, then you’re going to need a whole lot of Star Jelly to get the job done. We’ll guide you through the process of getting more of it, so you can have your team in fighting shape!

Star Jelly comes in multiple types! There’s different levels and the higher ones will give more experience to your Cookies when used. This is an important resource, because you’ll want to be leveling up your Cookie friends as much as possible to get through the later stages in the game.

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Star Jelly Guide

There are a variety of ways to get Star Jelly in Cookie Run Kingdom. They are gotten through various free rewards, completing quests, through your Cookie House and a whole lot more.

Daily Gift

The Daily Gift can be found in the Gacha area of the game. Every 24 hours you will be able to claim it and you will get some free items that include Star Jelly.

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There’s the free “Necessities” free package that will get you jelly and crystals for free each time you use it. This can be found in the Shop area, so make sure to grab it as soon as the time comes up.

Cookie Run Kingdom Necessities Free Package Image

Complete Story Levels

One of the most reliable ways to get Star Jelly will be completing story levels within the game. Each time you complete a level, you are given rewards, which will include the jelly you are looking to collect. If you’re stuck on a stage, you can run previous stages and they will still give you rewards, just not as much after you’ve completed it the first time.

Complete Quests

There’s two types of story quests that you can do which you will find on the side of your screen. One is more based up completing levels of the game, and the other involves you building up your kingdom. Make sure to complete these as much as possible, because you will get good rewards from them and some Star Jelly!

Cookie Run Kingdom Quests Image

Level Up Your Kingdom Pass

This is Cookie Run: Kingdom’s battle pass of sorts, where you play the game and level up to earn rewards. There’s a paid and a free one, and in both versions of it you will get yourself some Star Jelly! Obviously, if you have the paid version you will get a whole lot more.

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There’s always some event going on in the game, so make sure to keep an eye on what’s currently available. These are very easy ways to get more Star Jelly and other important resources.

Cookie Houses

Some of the buildings you craft and have in your Kingdom will produce Star Jelly for you. These are mainly the Cookie Houses, which can be leveled up to produce additional Star Jelly and reduce the time that it takes for them to generate. You can only have a certain amount of homes in your Kingdom at one time. You will want to have the maximum amount, so that you can generate more jelly!

Cookie Run Kingdom Cookie Houses Image

That’s everything you need to know about getting Star Jelly in Cookie Run: Kingdom! You can check out more information on the game in the Cookie Run: Kingdom portion of our website.

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