How To Get Sundrops In Adopt Me! Garden Egg Event

We'll help you get all the sundrops you need for the sunflower in the Garden Egg Event in Adopt Me!
Adopt Me Garden Egg Event Sundrop In Air
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The Garden Egg Event in Adopt Me! is a really cool chance for players to get early access to a new area and win awesome pets. To do this, they need a ton of Sundrops, but they can be confusing to find at first. Luckily, we’ve got this guide to help you understand everything about getting Sundrops.

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Adopt Me! Garden Egg Event – Where To Get Sundrops

To Get Sundrops for the Sunflower in Adopt Me!, you’ll need to look around the obby. You’ll find Sundrops scattered around each Obby, and collecting them automatically adds them to your inventory. Each Obby will reset its Sundrops every time you go in, and all eight Obbys hold Sundrops. This is the only way to get them.

Adopt Me Garden Egg Event Grabbing Sundrop
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You can join the Garden Egg Event at the Garden Egg Event Obby, found in the Obby building in the game. You’re going to have to keep going through Obbies multiple times to keep getting more and more Sundrops. The first Obby gave us about 10 Sundrops, and we noticed the same amount given the next time. It’s not much it. It’s also the shortest and easiest, so you’re likely going to get more Sundrops in the next few Obbies.

We’d say to wait to grind Obbies until the last few Obbys come out; then, you can turn in a bunch of Sundrops at once instead of the 10 at a time. At the rate of the first Obby, you’ll need to complete it 500 times just to get enough for the first pet. We know that you’ll only need 5,000 Sundrops for each pet, so it’s going to be a grind either way.

💧 Stage 1: 10 Sundrops
💧 Stage 2: 10 Sundrops x 2 = 20 Sundrops
💧 Stage 3: 10 Sundrops x 4 = 40 Sundrops
💧 Stage 4: 10 Sundrops x 8 = 80 Sundrops
💧 Stage 5: 10 Sundrops x 16 = 160 Sundrops
💧 Stage 6: 10 Sundrops x 32 = 320 Sundrops
💧 Stage 7: 10 Sundrops x 64 = 640 Sundrops
💧 Stage 8: 10 Sundrops x 128 = 1,280 Sundrops

On the bright side, completing the Obby the first time gives you a key you need for the vault, and an age-up potion. So there’s at least some reason to do it the first time, even if you’re not doing it for pets.

Jorge A. Aguilar

Jorge A. Aguilar

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  1. Moonlight

    Where do you put the sundrops

    1. Jorge A. Aguilar

      You give it to the sunflower =)