How to get the Bag of Veteran’s Glory in ESO

Participate in the ESO Whitestrake's Mayhem event to get the Bag of Veteran's Glory.
Elder Scrolls Online Bag Of Veterans Glory

ESO has new rewards to earn within the Whitestrake’s Mayhem event, and to compensate for all of the additions, the Bag of Veteran’s Glory was introduced into the mix. While Whitestrake’s Mayhem may be a rotating event within the Elder Scrolls Online, every year brings a whole host of unlockables that can get convoluted. Earning the Bag of Veteran’s Glory won’t be difficult, but it is limited to a daily timer tied to the event. This guide will outline exactly how to get the bags and what to expect.

Earning the Bag of Veteran’s Glory in ESO

The Bag of Veteran’s Glory in ESO is a reward that can only be purchased from The Impresario. This merchant NPC only shows up when an event is live in The Elder Scrolls Online, and of course, that is the Whitestrake’s Mayhem event this time around. Veteran players may be used to the fact that anything The Impresario sells must be purchased directly with Event Tickets, and that includes the Bag of Veteran’s Glory.

Elder Scrolls Online Impresario

Buying the Bag of Veteran’s Glory isn’t expensive at all and will only cost you 2 event tickets. Compared to most other items, which are 5-10 tickets each, a bag is a cheap option. The catch is that only 3 event tickets can be earned every day, and the Whitestrake’s Mayhem event will end towards the beginning of March, so you’ll only have about 12 days to get event specific rewards.

To earn tickets each day, you will have to complete both daily event tasks that are tied to Whitestrake’s Mayhem in ESO. Considering that the event is PvP focused, both tasks have PvP requirements. The first task is to complete either a Cyrodil or a Battleground daily task for 2 tickets. Then, for one more ticket, Imperial City district daily quests can be completed. At 2:00AM EDT, the ticket timers will reset.

What is in the Bag of Veteran’s Glory in ESO?

Unlike the other specific event items from The Impresario, the bag will contain plenty of random items once you open it up. Any of the past Whitestrake’s Mayhem event rewards are in the bag and they can no longer be individually purchased, so players will have to roll the dice. But the process isn’t entirely a frustrating gamble.

The Bag of Veteran’s Glory will only give players event items from the past that they have not yet collected. So in theory, you can continue to buy the bags to get the full event collection. If your collection is already completed, then go ahead and use those tickets on the brand new rewards in 2022.

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