How to get the Gift Badge and Festive Ability in Ability Wars Roblox

If you need to help on how to get the Gift Badge, which is needed in order to unlock the Festive Ability in Roblox's Ability Wars, our guide will help!
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Ability Wars is a Roblox Game that is described as a game where you use different abilities against other players. When you defeat an opponent, you earn “punches,” which are used to unlock new abilities that are activated by pressing E or Q. ‘Tis the holiday season, which means if you need to help on how to get the Gift Badge, which is needed in order to unlock the Festive Ability, our guide will help!

How to get the Gift Badge

To get the Gift Badge, you will need to collect 20 presents in the Arena map. There will be presents located in areas that are hard to reach, so you’ll need to equip the Gravity ability before entering the Arena. Once you’ve found all 20 presents, you will receive the Gift Badge!

  • Step 1: Equip the Gravity ability and enter the Arena.
  • Step 2: You will need to collect 20 presents, which are found throughout the map.

Gift Badge – Presents Locations

There are 20 locations to find presents, and they aren’t too difficult to find. You will pretty much want to do a walk of the perimeter of the map and enter all of the hidden/underground locations. Here’s a list to help you:

  • Edge of map, under and on trees
  • On top of the very large decorated tree
  • Underground, by dining room chair + behind stairwell
  • By entrance to underground dining room
  • Floating platform, on corner on top
  • By large standing, candy canes
  • Wood cabin, on top of roof, inside by window, upstairs by potions
  • By Santa’s sleigh
  • Behind red mushroom
  • Hidden chamber, near ceiling

How to get the Festive Ability

To get the Festive ability, you will need to achieve the Gift Badge and also have 6,000 Punches to be able to purchase it. The Festive ability creates a Christmas tree with lots of presents. You can only get the necessary Gift Badge during the game’s Christmas event.

Festive Ability – List of Christmas Presents

When you press E to activate the Christmas Presents move, you’ll find there are three types of presents: green (weapon), red (armor), and blue (buff). Here is our list of possible presents you can get:

  • Buffs – Blizzard in a Bottle, Cookie, Cloud in a Bottle
  • Armor – boots, chest plate, leggings
  • Weapons – Cnadycane Hook, Christmas Tree Sword, Snowball Staff

We hope this guide helped you on how to get the Elude Glove and the Exposed Badge in Roblox’s Slap Battles! Check out more of our Roblox coverage and Roblox codes.

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