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How to get the pet Crab in Roblox Islands

If you are looking to collect the brand new pet crab in Roblox Islands then you're going to need to know what kind of grind you are in for beforehand!
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Roblox Islands has recently introduced Pirates to their game, which has brought a variety of new things to do and collect. One of these things is a pet crab that will follow you around and go on adventures with you. If you’re wondering how to get one of these, we’ll let you know in this guide!

Collecting the Pet Crab

To get the crab pet in Roblox Islands, you will need to open up treasure chests that can be obtained by Davey the Traveling Pirate. If he spawned on your island, he will give you a map for free. Otherwise, you can go to Pirate Island and purchase one for 150 Dubloons. Take that map to the Hub Island and select it on your toolbar to open it up. Go to the red X on the map, and dig up the treasure chest. Bring that back to your island, place it on the ground, and open it up for a CHANCE at the crab.

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Unfortunately, you can’t get the crab any other way. The drop from the chest is very rare, and you can get a variety of different things, such as: Pirate Chandelier, Crystalized Obsidian, Shark, Pirate Ship Wheel, Pirate Chair, Pirate Lamp, Puffer Fish, Crab Pet, Captain’s Rapier, Pirate Barrel, or a Pirate Ship. Each time you open up a chest, you have a random chance to obtain one of these.

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Davey will spawn on your island once a day, but if you just started your account you will not see him the first day. This was done to prevent people from creating alternate accounts and getting chests. Once you have completed your once a day treasure map, you can go to Pirate’s Island and pay him 150 Doubloons for another one.

Doubloons can be obtained by completing quests for the various NPCs around Pirate’s Island. They will spawn various tasks that you need to complete, and each of them will give you a certain amount of Doubloons. The quests will refresh after 24 hours, so unfortunately you can only do so many each day.

As far as we know, killing the crabs that spawn on Pirate’s Island will NOT drop the pet. I have seen this mentioned, but I have not seen proof that this is true.

That’s all the information that you need to know about the crab pet in Roblox Islands. We’ll be covering a lot more about the game in the near future, so stay tuned!

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  1. noobgamer

    I have it but its annoying how do i get rid of it
    or at least name it? i got a whole name tag item but it wont change its name

  2. TheRealGasterBlaster

    Its mythic and hard to get but I somehow got it without this page first 😀

  3. Lance

    i dont have the gmaepass tho, is that connected?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I don’t believe you need the gamepass, it sounds like a bug.

      1. TheRealGasterBlaster

        The game didn’t want you to have gamepass to get it :l

  4. ImJustChillin'_679

    How many chests do I have to open????????? I need that crab pet

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      It’s all random, you just have to get lucky!

      1. Lance

        i get the crab, but i cant collect it