How to get the Potion Marker in Find the Markers

We'll walk you through the steps of getting the Potion Marker in Roblox Find the Markers!
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Roblox Find the Markers is a game that challenges you to… quite frankly find the markers. There are a bunch of them scattered around various maps, and while that seems simple enough, they can be quite difficult to find at times. One of these isn’t hard to find, but it is hard to get and that’s the Potion Marker. We’ll supply you with the knowledge you need to obtain it in this guide.

Potion Marker Guide

To get the Potion Marker in Find the Markers, you need to head into the Washable Kingdom. Go to the Wizard tower and climb up to the top using the stairs. Interact with the cauldron, and ingredients will light up in order. Interact with each ingredient that lit up in order. You will need to do this five times, and afterwards you will have the marker!

If you don’t know how to get to the Washable Kingdom, you just need to climb up the clocktower that is located where you enter into the game. At the back of the tower, you will find a barely visible ladder that you can climb up. Walk around to the front and climb up another transparent level and once you get to the top you will be transported to the Washable Kingdom.

Find The Markers Clocktower

Go to the wizard tower and climb up the stairs. At the top, you will find a cauldron with a variety of ingredients on tables. Once you interact with the cauldron, the ingredients will light up one by one. You need to then interact with the ones that glowed in order. When you hit the final ingredient in the list, new ingredients will light up and you need to repeat the process.

There are a few ways you can go about keeping these ingredients in mind to enter them in the right order:

  • Memorize them! This is a good one to do if you have a lot of time, because it exercises your brain and is good practice!
  • Record video in Roblox and watch it again to see which ones are the ingredients you need. You can do this by going into the Roblox settings in game and press the Record Video button in the Record settings. You can also hit F12 on your keyboard to record. Press the button again to stop. The videos should end up in your My PC > Videos > Roblox folder.
  • Another option is typing the first letter of the ingredient into chat or a text window when it lights up. I’ve included an image below with all of the ingredient names. Each name has a unique first letter, so just type it out as they glow to remember them!
Find The Markers Ingredients List

Recording video is going to be the easiest method to complete this task, so go for that option if you are able to do so! Once you complete the potion five times, the Potion Marker can be found in the cauldron!

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Potion Marker in Roblox Find the Markers! You can find a bunch of great content for the platform in the Roblox section of our website.

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