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How-to get the Roblox Award-Winning Smile

The Roblox Award-Winning Smile is an item you can get for free by participating in the 2021 Bloxy Awards! We have a quick how-to guide on what you need to do to receive it.
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The Roblox Bloxy Awards 2021 have arrived, and with them comes a bunch of free stuff that you can get. If you’re a big collector of Roblox Avatar items, then you can get yourself some pretty nice freebies by completing some pretty simple objective. If you want the Award-Winning Smile, then it’s actually quite easy to get. Most of the items are quite simple to obtain, so if you just want to grab this real quick, then you’re in luck because you won’t have to do too much.

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Getting the Award-Winning Smile Face

To get the Award-Winning Smile face, all you need to do is go into the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Roblox Game and run into the center of the room with the Roblox logo. That will launch you upwards and you will land on the Hall of Fame area of the game. You should see an alert popup on the bottom of your screen telling you that you received the item! You can then find it in the Avatar area on Roblox to equip it.

Award-Winning Smile is a spinoff of the well-known Winning Smile face that people have kind of been wearing as a joke/meme. This version of it gives you some brightly colored eyes, and adds a little start to your face. So, it’s not a bad upgrade if you’re a fan of Winning Smile!

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