How To Get the Scythe Glove in Slap Battles [The Farmland Fray Badge]

You can easily get the Scythe Glove in Slap Battles if you follow our instructions. Use it and turn your enemies into boomerangs!
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The Scythe Glove is a new glove available in Slap Battles, but you need the Farmland Fray badge to get it. This glove lets you grab enemies and spin them around before knocking them out. It’s a great glove but comes with a difficult way of unlocking, which we detail below.

Slap Battles offers many different gloves, so be sure to check out our guides on the Jester GloveTitan GloveOven Glove, and the Druid Glove. Getting all the gloves is a big part of the game, so we’ll keep our pages updated with ways to do so.

Slap Battles Scythe Glove – How to get

To get the Scythe Glove in Slap Battles, you must go through a mini-game that is activated with the Alchemist Glove. The mini-game is a tower defense game that consists of six waves. When you’ve completed the last wave, you’ll see a message saying, “Congratulations, you’ve completed the game!!!” You’ll be teleported back to the glove area with a new Farmland Fray badge and you can get your new Scythe Glove.

How To Activate the Scythe Glove Tower Defense Mini-Game

To activate the mini-game that rewards the Scythe Glove, you must wear the Alchemist Glove and pick up every flower/plant in sight. Eventually, you’ll get the three ingredients needed:

  • Two plane flowers
  • One hazel lily
Scythe Glove Click Spoon
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Once you have the ingredients, press E to summon a Cauldron. Put the two plane flowers first and then the hazel lily. Once you’re done, click the spoon to drink the potion. You’ll then be teleported to the mini-game.

Best Strategy To Beat the Tower Defense Scythe Glove Mini-Game

When you get to the tower defense mini-game, you only have enough money for the first two “towers,” which are scarecrows and farmers. Put them in the first corner and place all the others after them. Since enemies take longer to turn in corners, I like to place towers in corners so they can deal more damage over time.

Scythe Glove Corner Towers
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The towers are in this order:

  • Scarecrow – $80 (max 5)
  • Farmer 1 – $120 (max 5)
  • Farmer 2 – $300 (max 4)
  • Farmer Tencelll – $600 (max 3)

A very important thing to do is to click your towers after placing them and press the button that says Priority (First). This will get your towers to target the enemies in the first before the others.

Scythe Glove Priority First
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If you get lost at some point, we recommend watching the following video:

What Does the Scythe Glove Do in Slap Battles?

The Scythe Glove has 54 Power and 16 Speed, and can “cleave” enemies using E. When you face another player and press E, you’ll throw a scythe at them, and they’ll be stuck in a spinning scythe loop. Like a boomerang, the loop goes in a circle and ends next to you. When it’s done, they’ll be released and knocked out.

The scythe will only grab one player at a time; anyone hit after a player is grabbed will only be knocked out for a moment. This is the same move that Tencelll uses in the mini-game to earn this glove.

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