How to Get to Third Sea in King Legacy

Want to reach the Third Sea and explore new content in King Legacy? Check out our guide detailing all the necessary steps, including how to craft the Heart of Sea and where to find the Altar required to use it!
Roblox King Legacy Kraken Tentacles
Screenshot: At0zDx

In Update 5 of King Legacy, they have added Third Sea into the game. A whole new sea filled with quests and adventure. However, how do you get to the Third Sea in King Legacy? We have the answers.

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King Legacy Third Sea Guide

To get to Third Sea in King Legacy, you must first head to a specific NPC in Virandas at the docks called The Squid. Speak with him, and he will ask you to defeat a Kraken Tentacle. However, you need a Heart of Sea in order to summon the Kraken Tentacles at a specific altar. Here’s what you need to do.

How to Summon the Kraken Tentacle in King Legacy

Roblox King Legacy The Squid
Screenshot: At0zDx

To summon the Kraken, you need to find a Heart of Sea; this is the only way to summon this beast. The Altar where you need the Heart of Sea can be found just behind The Squid NPC. Look at the picture below for where you need to go.

Roblox King Legacy Alter The Squid
Image: Try Hard Guides / Screenshot: At0zDx

Remember this Altar, as you must go here after you get the Heart of the Sea.

How to Get the Heart of Sea in King Legacy

To get the Heart of Sea, you need to craft it at Fiore. As you enter the Mansion, head left and look at the roof, you’ll see a trapdoor.

Roblox King Legacy Trapdoor Fiore Mansion
Image: Try Hard Guides / Screenshot: At0zDx

Go through that trapdoor to find an NPC called Jack Stones, a Material Exchanger. He’s the one you need to give materials to to craft the Heart of Sea.

Roblox King Legacy Jack Stones
Screenshot: At0zDx

How to Craft Heart of Sea

You need the following materials to craft Heart of Sea:

  • 50 Logs – Common material, just break trees.
  • 50 Fresh Fish – Uncommon materials, drops from Fishman NPCs
  • 10 Pile of Bones – Common material from Skull Island NPCs and Ghost Ship.
  • 1 Sea King’s Blood – Rare materials from Second Sea, either from Sea King Chests or Hydra Chest.
  • 15 Angellics’ Feather – Common material from Sky Island NPCs
  • 10 Undead’s Ooze – Uncommon material from undead-NPCs. Zombie Island NPCs
Roblox King Legacy Heart Of Sea
Screenshot: At0zDx

Get all the materials required, then click craft in the menu at Jack Stones to craft the Heart of Sea. Now go back to the Altar near The Squid, interact with the Mystery Altar, and click accept to use Heart of the Sea and summon the Kraken Tentacles.

Roblox King Legacy Mystery Altar Heart Of Sea
Screenshot: At0zDx

Upon doing so will summon Kraken Tentacles. Each tentacle has 75,000 HP but can be slain individually. Once the Kraken Tentacles have been slain, you’ll get a new title, a Kraken’s Cache, and the ability to go to Third Sea.

Return to The Squid NPC, and he’ll ask if you want to go to Third Sea. Press Accept and a cutscene will occur of you entering a whirlpool.

Roblox King Legacy Third Sea
Screenshot: At0zDx

If you want to watch a YouTube video of these steps. I recommend watching the one below by At0zDx!

YouTube video
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