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How to get Wood in Farmville 3

We're taking a look at how you can get more Wood in Farmville 3!
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Farmville 3 is the new follow up to long popular Farmville franchise that is developed by Zynga for Android and Apple devices. In this game you will be responsible for taking care of the various tasks that you will generally find on a real farm. These include tending the crops, feeding the animals, and selling the produce that you make from taking care of these jobs. As you progress in the game, you might come across things that are a bit on the confusing side. One of these is how to obtain Wood, which we will show you in this guide.

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Obtaining Wood

Wood is an important resource in Farmville 3 because it is used to construct various structures you will come across as you expand your farm and unlock new land. To get Wood, you will need to chop down trees, logs, stumps, or remove certain types of rubbish.

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When you engage in one of these tree giving tasks they will consume Energy. This is one of the resources that is used most often in the game, and slowly regenerates over time. If you are desperate for some Energy, you can watch an advertisement for a boost or you can pay with Gems. Paying with Gems is not recommended, because they can be better used elsewhere.

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Energy is also obtained when you level up, you will receive the full amount in return when you increase your level. It is recommended to make sure and use up all of your Energy before leveling up, so you can maximize it!

That’s everything you need to know about obtaining Wood in Farmville 3. For more details on the game, check out the Farmville section of our website!

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