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How to get XP in Piggy (Fastest Ways to Get XP)

Time to learn how to get XP fast to complete your season pass in Roblox Piggy!
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If you’ve just fired up Roblox Piggy and are attempting to complete the new season to get all of those sweet rewards then you’re no doubt wondering how to get XP so that you can unlock them! Well, it’s fairly simple, but there’s some methods that you can use that will help grind XP a lot faster, which will allow you to unlock parts of the battle pass more quickly.

While part of opening up the season is gaining XP, another is getting Vials. This is going to be the slower part of opening things up, because you can’t really get more than three Daily Quests per day. This limits to you around 150 Vials a day, so you will need to make sure to complete those if you want all of the rewards in a season!

Piggy XP Guide

To get XP in Piggy, you will need to complete tasks with items in the game. This means you need to pick up items like a hammer, keys, board, or whatever is necessary for the level and then use it for the task that requires it! If you have a hammer for example, you will need to pull boards from a door to get XP. You receive 10 XP each time you complete one of these tasks!

If you play as Piggy, you will get 20 XP per player you take out. However, this seems to be a lot slower than being a normal player, because of all the tasks you can complete as the escapees.

The other way to get XP is to complete a map. If you can escape from Piggy, or if you’re Piggy and you defeat the players then you will get 100 XP! This is a big chunk, so if you can play games and complete them quickly, you will earn quite a bit of experience towards your season pass.

How to get XP Fast in Piggy

To get XP faster and unlock all the levels in you season pass, you will want to complete a lot of objectives and finish maps. This is best done by playing solo on a private/vip server (credit to KreekCraft for this strategy), and playing the Book 1: Chapter 3 map Gallery. This map can be completed quickly and has a bunch of tasks you can do to get easy experience with the various items in the game. You should be able to get around 250 XP per round, and you will get faster at it the more you do it.

If you or a friend doesn’t have a private server, then it’s going to be harder to use this method. However, you can still run the Gallery map and attempt to complete it as quickly as possible to continually get XP.

Glitched Method

There is a glitch you can use to gain nearly unlimited experience, but you will have to use it at your own risk. It’s unlikely that you’ll get banned or lose your account, but using a glitch always comes with a risk!

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To use this method, you will need to use the following steps:

  1. Select Book 1: Chapter 9 – City
  2. Pick Infection mode and be Piggy
  3. Find the character Pony at the Exit, and run into them over and over. You will receive 20 XP each time you run into them!

That’s all you need to do! This will likely be fixed at some point, so if you want to use this strategy then make sure to do it fast. Credit to TheCreepyHeadphones for the image and this method.

That’s everything you need to know about XP in Roblox Piggy! Be sure to check out the Piggy section of our website for more details and guides about the game.

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