How to Get Yuta (Cursed Child) in A Universal Time

Wondering how to get the Cursed Child Yuta in AUT? Well look no further as we tell you the ways to get Yuta and explore his moveset in A Universal Time!
Roblox Aut Yuta Using A Sword Attack With A Purple Fire
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A Universal Time, a game inspired by various popular anime, introduces the character Yuta, also known as Cursed Child, from Jujutsu Kaisen. Players can unlock this powerful character by gathering specific items within the game. This guide tells you how to acquire Yuta, along with his moveset.

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AUT – How to Get Yuta the Cursed Child

To unlock the Yuta spec, you’ll need three Cursed Child shards. These shards can either be obtained randomly via the ability banner or found inside chests throughout the game. Once you have collected three shards, you can craft the Cursed Child’s ability in the Crafting menu.

There are two main methods to acquire these shards:

  1. The first and simplest method involves using the Ability Banner to pull shards. This method is straightforward but may require a significant amount of resources, but you have a 1.57% of pulling Yuta.
  2. The second, more time-consuming but free-to-play (F2P) friendly method is opening chests and hoping you get a Cursed Shard.

After collecting three Cursed Child Shards, head to the Crafting section to create the Cursed Child, thereby unlocking Yuta in A Universal Time.

Best Way to Find Chests in AUT

Roblox AUT Chests
Image: Game To Game – Deniz

There are two primary methods for acquiring chests in the game:

  1. Defeating TGs: This method involves battling and defeating groups of TGs (Thug Generals) in the game. Upon defeating these groups, they drop chests that you can collect.
  2. Clearing B Tower’s Floor 10: The second method to acquire chests is by playing through the B Tower game mode and successfully clearing the 10th floor. Completing this floor rewards players with chests.

It’s important to note that acquiring UTA (Yuta) through opening chests can be a time-consuming process. The likelihood of finding Cursed Child Shards in these chests can vary, so patience is key when opting for this method.

Yuta Showcase and Moves

Yuta has a diverse moveset in the game, making him a versatile character. His basic moves include:

  • M1 (Rush Attack): A combo of attacks that inflict damage on enemies.
  • F (Blocking): A defensive move to block incoming attacks.
  • C (Quickstep): Allows fast movement to evade or approach enemies.
  • X (Execution/Smash): Executes enemies with high health and smashes enemies with low health, releasing an energy wave.
  • E (Bladework Rush): A dash attack that stuns the affected enemy.
  • R (Feint Slash): Slams and slices the enemy, stunning them if hit by the initial attack.
  • T (Cursed Blast): Unleashes an energy blast that repels enemies.
  • J (Thin Ice Breaker/Black Flash): Single-hit attacks that deal significant damage.

Queen of Curses

Activating the Queen of Curses skill (Q) changes Yuta’s moveset, as Rika, his cursed spirit, aids him. This mode offers new moves:

  • T (Slam): An AoE attack where Rika slams the area in front of Yuta.
  • Y (Rampage): Rika grabs and slams the enemy into the ground.
  • E (Cleave): Rika charges forward, executing a cleaving attack.
  • T (Sacrificial Love): A powerful beam attack from Rika.
  • Y (Batter): A flurry of punches and kicks from Yuta.
  • E (Strike): Rika punches the enemy away.
  • T (Cursed Speech): Yuta stuns enemies with a shout.
  • Y (Extermination): A tag team attack by Yuta and Rika.

If you want to see Yuta’s moves in action, I recommend watching TheCookieGuy’s YouTube video below, where he showcases Yuta’s moves.

YouTube video
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