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How to heal in Titanage – Fix & Repair Injuries!

We're taking a look at all the ways you can heal your character in Titanage. You will want to know how to heal, because if you perish you will lose all your stuff!
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Roblox Titanage is a celebration of the anime Attack on Titan! Jump into the game and create your character. You will be able to place stats in certain areas of the skilltree to customize your abilities. Join up with your friends to fight the evil Monster Titans. This can be a difficult game because if you die you will lose all of your progress, because one death means that’s the end!

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Healing in Titanage is very important, because if you are injured you will keep that injury until you get it healed. You can be blinded and break various parts of your body. Some injuries will slow you down, and blindness will cause your screen to go blurry. If any of these happens to you, then you’re going to need to heal! You can tell if you have an injury by looking next to your name in the username list. The injury you have will appears as a red icon.

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Healing in Titanage

To heal in Titanage, you have a few different options. The first one and likely the main one you will be using is talking to the Medic who stands right next to the area where you join a match in the middle of the lobby. You can pay them $150 Cash to heal all of your injuries. You can have another player heal you with bandages, and you can heal yourself with a bandage if you have Self Heal.

Once you talk to the Medic, just select the “I want you to fix me up.” option and you will be fully healed. This can only be done outside of a match, so make sure to do it if you need to before you go fight again!

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The other option you have is to either get Medic skills or have a player who has Medic skills heal you while you are in a match. A player can heal another player if they have the Bandages skill. A player with this ability will start each round with 2 bandages (4 if they have Bandage Bag). They can then target a player and use a bandage to heal them.

Another way to heal is to get the Self Heal skill point. This allows you to use a bandage on yourself, you can’t do this if you don’t have Self Heal. You will have to go far down the Medic skill tree to get it. You can also get the Bandage Bag skill to increase your maximum bandages to four!

That’s everything you need to know about healing yourself and teammates in Roblox Titanage! We will be covering this game more in the future, be sure to check out the Titanage section of our website.

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