How to join the Mafia in BitLife (2022)

If you're looking to operate outside of the law, then we'll show you how to join the Mafia in BitLife with this easy to follow guide!
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It’s time to do some dirty work and join the mob in BitLife. If you decide upon this life, then you better be ready to do some terrible deeds, because the families aren’t easily impressed unless you bag a few bodies. If you’ve got enough grit, you can rise through the ranks of the mafia and eventually end up at the top of heap! We’ll walk you through the exact process you need to take to become a mobster in BitLife.

BitLife Mafia Guide

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To join the mafia in BitLife, you will need to do a few hardcore crimes like Bank Robbery, Burglary, Grand Theft Auto, or a Train Robbery. Once you’ve reached 18 years of age, go to the Occupation menu and look at the bottom of the list to find Special Careers. Select that option and then pick Organized Crime and select which family you would like to join. If you’ve committed enough crimes, you will be asked to join the mob!

  1. Create a new character

    You can pick either a woman or man, and if you have God Mode you’ll want to select Crime as your Special Talent and bump up your attributes. If not, you can just choose your character, and not worry about the stats because they shouldn’t make much of a difference.

  2. Age to 18 years old

    You can do crimes before you reach 18, but it’s mostly petty crimes that don’t really seem to impress the mafia. It’s easier to just age to 18 and then commit more serious offenses. You should do things like Bank Robbery, Burglary, Grand Theft Auto, or a Train Robbery. You need to complete one or more of these at least twice, before trying to get into the mob. If you get caught, just close the application before you close the window that alerted you to the result of the crime.

  3. Try to join the Mafia

    Go to the Occupation menu and look at the bottom of the list to find Special Careers. Select that option and then pick Organized Crime and select which family you would like to join. This is completely up to you, it shouldn’t make a difference which you choose. You will get to pick a method, which also shouldn’t really matter. If your crimes were impressive enough, they should offer you a position in the family. If not, close out of the application completely, and do another crime or two. Try again and you should eventually become apart of the mafia!

  4. Commit crimes

    Once you’ve joined your family, you will now want to commit more crimes. This will help you move up the ladder in the mob. You can do them from the Occupation menu now, because it will give you another option which is Extortion. This allows you to harass businesses for money. The more notoriety you have, the more scared they will be of you. When you make a score, you will be asked to contribute the funds. It’s best just to give all the money to the family, but you can go half if you really need some cash.

  5. Gaining Notoriety

    The easiest way to gain notoriety is to murder people. This option isn’t available within the Occupation menu, but you can do it while extorting people. If someone won’t give you all of the money you ask for then you can Whack Them Out or Shake Them Down. If you choose whack, you will murder them in a creative way. I found that it’s far easier to get away with this if you do it through Extortion. However, you won’t get any money. So, do a mixture of whacking and shaking to up your notoriety and standing with your family. Killing people is generally best saved for the people who aren’t fearful of you.

  6. Rise through the ranks

    Do at least a few extortions each year and keep your notoriety high. Age up and you will be told to whack people, which will then lead to you taking an oath with the family. You can keep doing this and you will continue to rise through the ranks and hopefully all the way to godfather!

That’s everything you need to know about joining the Mafia in BitLife! Be sure to check out the BitLife section of our website for more guides on the game.

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Shaun Savage

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