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How to make money fast in Roblox My Store – Best Layout!

Getting cash in Roblox My Store can be a slow process, but we have ways to speed things up in this guide to getting cash fast!
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If you’ve just started playing the newly released My Store for Roblox, then you’re no doubt looking to make some money to expand and purchase more customization for your shop! Well, there’s a pretty simple strategy that you can employ to make money pretty quickly and eventually start to build the exact store that you’ve always wanted!

Making money in My Store

To make money fast in My Store, you will need to lay out your store in a specific way. This means placing your purchasable items and registers at the very front store. This will speed up the process of customers purchasing items, which gets more people in and out of your store and gets you money a lot faster!

An example of this layout is shown below. I have all of the purchasable items right in the doorway, so the customers can grab their item immediately. I have then surrounded those with cash registers, so the customer can immediately go and checkout. I have the maximum amount of registers on a single floor. This gets the most customers flowing through my store.

Advanced My Store layout

I have upgraded my registers to the more expensive versions because this reduces checkout time. The higher the upgrade, the faster they will checkout. Normal cash registers are fairly cheap to upgrade, but self-checkout registers are a lot more expensive and will take you a while to get them to maximum efficiency.

Another important thing to note is that I don’t have any food available. That’s because the food items are the cheapest and when customers come in the store, I want them to purchase the most expensive items. The customers who come in your store will just buy what’s available, they aren’t looking for something in particular. Keep enough options available that every customer can access something, but don’t keep the Cheap Shelf or Fridge, because they only dispense very cheap items. Try to upgrade to the Clothing Rack as soon as you can. Once you have a couple of those, get rid of everything else. Then look to purchase the more expensive purchasable items like Video Games, Devices, Phones, and Consoles.

Other Tips

  • Don’t bother purchasing more than one janitor for your store. This would only be useful if you have more than one floor, which isn’t really worth it unless you’ve already made a ton of cash.
  • Floors are important to leveling up faster. You gain XP by cleaning up trash, and more trash will appear if you have multiple floors. Purchase these when you start making good money. Levels are pretty strong because they open up higher price items to sell.
  • Don’t bother with a Phone Display. The phone that sells before level 20 doesn’t sell for much more than the Skypods that are sold at the Device Shelf. The Phone Display costs almost double the Device Shelf, making it a waste of money. You want to get to the Computer Rack as soon as you can.
  • The Sturdy upgrade to the Cheap Cash Register is $750 cash, compared to the larger Cheap Checkout which is $4,500 cash! The timer is exactly the same as the Sturdy Cash Register, so don’t bother with the Cheap Checkout.
  • If you want some free cash, then be sure to check out our My Store Codes page for codes that you can redeem for free money!

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