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How to pop Zurks using UV Light in Stray

Learn in this guide how you can obtain a UV light and how you can use it to get rid of annoying Zurks in Stray!
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Stray is the latest adventure game where you play the role of a cat as you escape from a neon-lit cybercity while untangling ancient mysteries and lost memories. Throughout the journey, there will be enemies waiting for you in every alley of the city, making your escape more difficult.

Among the enemies you may come across are known as Zurks, which are essentially oversized fleas that feed on robots and cats. As such, the most effective method for getting rid of them would be to employ some kind of equipment. Thankfully, you may use B-12 toolkit’s UV Light to fight Zurks that get in your way.

Fight Zurks using UV Light

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To pop Zurks in Stray, you must first obtain the Defluxor, which is a device that emits UV Light. During the Dead End level, Seamus will ask you to find Doc, one of the Outsiders. Once you meet Doc, head to his workshop and locate the Defluxor. Doc will then ask you to change the fuse of the generator so he can recharge the Defluxor. After successfully changing the fuse of the generator, Doc will repair the Defluxor and install it on your drone.

Pop Zurks Using Uv Light In Stray Image
Image: Stray

In using the Defluxor, simply point the UV light to the Zurks to pop them. However, remember that if you aim at the Zurks’ incubator, additional Zurks will be spawned as a result. Moreover, the UV light is equipped with a temperature meter that will indicate whether it has been overused for a short time. If you use the UV light too often, it will overheat, which will force you to wait for it to cool down for a considerable amount of time. As such, it is recommended to aim in small and controlled bursts at all times to avoid the weapon from being overheated.

That’s all you will need in fighting large numbers of Zurks in Stray using UV Light. For more great content, be sure to check out the Game section of our site!

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