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How to PVP in Titanage

We're taking a look at what you'll need to do to participate in the PVP mode in Roblox Titanage!
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In Roblox Titanage, you will have two different options on how to play. There’s PVE where you fight with other players to slay giant evil titans that are looking to eat you. You will also eventually be able to PVP, where you will fight against other players in different ways. Not a ton is known about the PVP mode yet, but we’ll detail everything that is known in this post.

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PVP Mode in Titanage

Unfortunately, right now you can’t PVP in Titanage. The mode is being worked on, and it will only be available to Testers of the game. Currently, not even the testers themselves are able to play it, because the mode isn’t yet available. However, it does sound like PVP isn’t far away, so you will be able to play it fairly soon.

The game was just released on August 10th, 2021 and the developers left this message about PVP in their Discord:

PVP Mode is currently being worked on and will only be available to Testers.

We’re actively picking testers, no there aren’t any specific requirements to become a tester. Not that many testers are needed for PVP since we plan to drop it sooner than later there will probably be a cap on how many testers we need for PVP mode.

You can increase your chances of being a tester by being active and present in discord, most likely see give aways for tester in upcoming days. Also supporters get tons of opportunities to become tester to learn how to become a supporter read in #faq

Sourced from Titanage’s Discord

Becoming a tester will require you to become a support or contributor of the game. The details of doing so was released as the following:

Contribute to the game through helping in discord and being an active member, go to #donate and support the studio however you can. Doing either or doesn’t necessarily mean you automatically get tester, but it increases your chances.

Sourced from Titanage’s Discord

That’s all there is to really know right now. Your best bet is to join the Titanage Discord, and help out in Discord and hope that you get noticed by the developers and community manager of the server. You are likely better off just waiting for the mode to release, it sounds like it is being actively worked on, so it shouldn’t take too long.

As soon as PVP becomes available, we’ll be sure to have information all about it! You can find many more details on this game in the Titanage section of our website.

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