How to reach max shields at a temple in Fortnite

A new challenge in Fortnite has you attempting to fill up your shield to the max in a template! We'll tell you how to get this done.
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Fortnite‘s weekly quests are a great way for players of the game to earn experience and level up their battle pass. Luckily, Epic Games introduces new challenges every Thursday that allows players to test their skills and become more familiar with different parts of the game. During the Fortnite Vibin’ season, this has just meant chilling out on the island.

The newest round of quests asks the player to fill up their shield at one of the temples on the map. This shouldn’t be too difficult for the player, as most fill up with shields as soon as they can on the map. Since the challenge doesn’t specify that the player has to be at zero shields to start, this challenge is a little easier.

Where to reach max shields at a temple in Fortnite

To start, the player should land somewhere near a temple, like in The Daily Bugle, which happens to have a lot of loot. Gather a couple of small and large shield potions or find a Shield Keg and head to the temple on the outer edge of The Daily Bugle. Once you’re there, consume the shields until you’re at full capacity.

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There’s no specification in the quest that the player has to start at zero shields when they’re in the temple. All it says is that players will need to reach their maximum shields while inside of a temple. So a player could land at The Daily Bugle, fill up to 95 shield points and then eat a mushroom at the temple and complete the quest.

Before you head to the temple, make sure that you have a weapon and extra shields, as many players will likely head there to finish the quest. That’s all you need to know about how to reach max shields at the temple in Fortnite.

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