How to ride animals in Fortnite

Find an animal and go for a ride in for Fortnite's newest update. Read about how to ride animals in Fortnite today.
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In Fortnite‘s most recent season, players are seeing a map that has sprung to life with new plants and animals roaming the island. As with each new season, Fortnite has introduced new mechanics into the battle royale, inviting players to test the new bounds the game sets. The newest addition allows players to ride the four-legged boars and wolves into battle.

While the game doesn’t tell the player how to ride animals at first, it’s pretty easy to understand once you know what to do. In this guide, we’ll teach you all you need to know about how to ride animals in Fortnite and how to complete the weekly quest.

How to ride on animals in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

To ride on a boar or wolf, all the player needs to do is jump on the back of the animal of their choice. If it works, the player will mount their back and hearts will appear over the animal’s head. Once the player gets off the animal, it will follow them around the map as an ally.

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Each animal that the player gets on will have a stamina bar above the player’s health. Once the player uses all of the animal’s stamina, it will cause it to rest until it’s able to recover. While resting, the player is unable to interact with the animal and has to wait for it to recharge. If constantly sprinting, it’s easy to wear them out in a matter of minutes.

The current weekly quest asks the player to hop on the back of two different animals. Once you find a group of wolves or boars, this is an easy feat to accomplish. Outside of this mission, the animals are a great alternative to getting around compared to the cars. The animals don’t need gas and are much quieter than the vehicles.

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