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How to rob the bank in Brookhaven

If you're looking to commit some crime in Brookhaven, then one way to do it is to pull off a bank heist!
Roblox How To Rob The Bank In Brookhaven Image

If you’re looking to go on the next great bank heist, then you’re going to need to know the basics of robbing banks in Roblox’s Brookhaven! This is a relatively easy process, and you can do it right when you start the game. It is used more for the roleplay aspect, and not to actually get yourself rich in Brookhaven.

Robbing the bank in Brookhaven

To rob the bank in Brookhaven, you need to retrieve the green keycard from the front desk at the entrance. Take that key upstairs, and open up the door that leads to the vault. Go into your backpack, take out a bomb, put it in front of the vault, and then trigger the explosion to break it open. You can now get inside the vault and take the bag of money!

The first step is heading into the bank and looking for the keycard. You will find it right on the desk, which doesn’t seem like a great place to leave it. Click on it and it will end up in your inventory.

Keycard location in Brookhaven bank

Go up the stairs and open up the door. You need to have the keycard in your hand to open up the door. You will now find the vault in this room. Go into your backpack and look for the explosives. They should look like the image below.

Explosive backpack location in Brookhaven

Put that in your hand and walk near the bank vault. Click to drop it on the ground. It needs to be right next to the vault or it won’t blow off the door. Here’s an example of where it should be:

Brookhaven explosive drop location

Once you have the explosives under the vault, you can trigger it and it will blow the door open. You can then enter the vault and grab the bag of money. The bank alarm will go off once the door is blown up, so watch out for the cops afterwards!

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