How to rob the Casino Vault and get the Code in Jailbreak

If you're wondering how to rob the casino and find the door code in Roblox Jailbreak we will tell you how in this guide!
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Roblox Jailbreak has just released a massive new live event that brought the newest major update to the game. This includes an increase of map size by 50%, and a bunch of a new roads to discover. You will also find a Casino and Nightclub added that can be visited. The Casino in particular is interesting, because it can be robbed! If you want to know how, we’ll tell you in this guide.

Robbing the Casino Vault

When the Casino opens up in your game, you will want to enter through the ground floor and look for the code. The code is random for your game and isn’t the same every time! If someone else tells you a code from their game, it won’t work in yours unless you both are on the same server. The code can be found in different areas in the ground floor lobby, including behind the counter in front of the orange wall that says Starlight Lounge.

Here’s an example of where to find the code behind the desk (credit to KreekCraft). The code will not work for you, it’s just showing you where it is located!

Jailbreak Casino Code Example Image

That is just one location, they can spawn in multiple others. Check out this video for all of the locations:

Once you have found the code, go behind the area where the Starlight Lounge is and enter it into the keypad near the door. Go through the door and dodge the lasers to find the elevator.

When inside of the elevator, you will want to hit the Security button. Go through the obstacles and hack every computer in the area until a screen comes up as red. Once you find the red one, hack it until it turns green.

Go back to the elevator and press the Vaults button to go to that floor.

Once on the vaults floor, go to the window that will prompt you to break it. Break through the glass and head through the obstacles. Once you reach the vault, you will attempt to crack it. Hit the button every time it lights up green.

Grab all of the money and items you can find in the vault! Head back out of the vault where you came from, into the elevator, and to the roof and escape. Drive to the Volcano Base to finish off the robbery!

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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  1. Laserwulff(roblox name)

    This advice was really helpful. Me and my friend had taken ages trying to figure it out.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Glad it helped!

  2. Dembank

    where are the codes located

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      They are just around the lobby, I’m going to add a video showing them all.

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        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          There’s already a video in the post?