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How to run with QB in Retro Bowl – Quarterback Sneak!

We'll show you exactly what you need to do to run as a quarterback to get some yards while under press in Retro Bowl!
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Retro Bowl is a faithful recreation of the NFL games of the old days that featured pixelated graphics, but had very fun gameplay and made for a great way to kill some time. However, this game also adds some more wrinkles to the formula by allowing you to manage your team, make trades, and draft players to construct your dream roster. While you are on the field, you might be wondering how to run with your quarterback! If that’s the case, we’ll show you exactly how to perform a QB sneak in this guide.

Quarterback Sneak

To run with the QB in Retro Bowl, you need to go back for a pass like normal, but then draw the dotted lines back to your quarterback so it disappears. Once this has happened, bring your finger off the screen to set your QB to running like you would with any other player!

The trickiest part is doing this quickly, because unless you have a stout offensive line, you are going to be overrun by defenders pretty quickly. To be fast with it, you want to only pull back briefly when going back to pass then immediately draw in the line to your quarterback and let go with your finger.

Here’s an example of keeping the dots short so that you can drag them into the quarterback quickly.

Retro Bowl Throwing Football Image

Once you see the dots disappear, immediately let go and you will start running. Be ready to swipe up or down to sidestep away from the incoming defense that will likely be crowding the pocket.

Retro Bowl Dots Disappear Image

Most QBs are pretty slow, but you can try and get a quarterback that has a high speed stat if you want to do a lot of sneaks. It’s not the easiest method to get yardage, and investing in a good running back is probably better in the long run.

When you pass the line of scrimmage (blue line) you can slide as a quarterback. You just need to swipe forward in the direction you are running. This can only be done as a QB, but is very similar to the dive that other players will do using the same method. Sliding or diving will help prevent you from taking a hit and protects you from fumbling, so it’s a good thing to do if you know you’re going to be tackled.

Retro Bowl Sliding In Game Image

You should now be able to run for some quick yards with your quarterback in Retro Bowl! You can find more coverage on the game in the Retro Bowl section of our website.

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