How to solve The Chasm’s hardest unique rock puzzle in Genshin Impact

Learn the trick on how you can complete one of the Unique Rock puzzles in Genshin Impact's The Chasm.
How To Solve The Hardest Unique Rock Puzzle Genshin Impact The Chasm

Genshin Impact’s latest explorable region, The Chasm, introduces new puzzles and mechanisms known as Unique Rock Pillars and Unique Breakable Rocks. Attacking a Unique Rock Pillar with Blunt Attacks will cause it to generate Resonant Quakes. Meanwhile, Unique Breakable Rocks are identified by a glowing geo symbol and may contain chests or reveal new paths. When a Resonant Quake hit a Unique Breakable Rock, it will crack. A Unique Rock challenge in The Chasm aboveground map that contains a precious chest seems to be rather complicated to solve. Here’s where to locate the hardest Unique Rock puzzle and guides on how to complete it!

Hardest Unique Rock puzzle in The Chasm

To get to the challenging Unique Rock puzzle, teleport to The Chasm aboveground map’s Statue of the Seven. Then, glide down to the three Geo pillars and one Unique Rock Pillar. From there, run towards the Lost Valley Domain, and you will see a Unique Breakable Rock on your left with one geo symbol.

Genshin Unique Rock Pillar And Geo Pillars The Chasm

To crack the Unique Breakable Rock, you must activate the Resonant Quake from the Unique Rock Pillar. The trick in this puzzle is to use two Geo characters with a Geo Construct Elemental skill. It is recommended to add the Geo Traveler and either Ningguang or Zhongli to your party to complete this puzzle. Resonant Quakes can destroy Unique Breakable Rocks, Geo Constructs, and deal Geo DMG to enemies. For this puzzle, you will construct a pathway for the Resonant Quake to reach the Unique Breakable Rock using the Geo Construct Elemental skill of the Geo characters.

Genshin Unique Breakable Rock Location The Chasm

To begin, go to the spot between the Unique Breakable Rock and Unique Rock Pillar, particularly after the first fallen pillar you’ll see, and there you will place the Traveler’s Starfell Sword. Move towards another fallen pillar beneath the Unique Rock Pillar’s location and place Ningguang’s Jade Screen or Zhongli’s Dominus Lapidis. Climb to the site of the Unique Rock Pillar and place another Starfell Sword on the edge of the cliff next to the Geo Pillar.

Genshin Impact Geo Constructs Pathway Puzzle The Chasm

Apply Blunt Attacks to the Unique Rock Pillar and follow the Resonant Quake. Be sure to outrun the Resonant Quake before it hits the last Geo Construct. Continue the pathway of the Resonant Quake by adding another two Geo Constructs – one besides the fallen pillar and another near the Unique Breakable Rock. Wait until the Resonant Quake reaches the last Geo Construct and eventually destroys the Unique Breakable Rock.

Genshin Destroyed Unique Breakable Rock The Chasm

That’s everything to learn in completing one of the Unique Rock puzzles in Genshin Impact’s The Chasm. You can find more great content by checking out the Genshin Impact section of our website!

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  1. stagwood18

    This is guide is taking a much harder route than necessary. Only one Geo construct is needed in the chain and one to activate the rings that give the gliding speed boosts. It’s the same method and location that is used to get into the cave leading to The Lost Valley domain except you chain towards the left from the giant stone you hit.