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How to start a game of Roblox Squid Game

We're going to help you learn how to get a game started in Roblox Squid Game!
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Squid Game has just become an overnight Roblox sensation, large in part to the success of the Netflix series, Squid Game. It is a show about cash-strapped people who are given an invitation where they compete in well-known children’s games. This obviously isn’t as simple as it seems, and the consequences for losing are dire! This has naturally transitioned into some games popping up in Roblox that mirror the experience had in the show.

How to start a game

I’ve seen a lot of different talk about lining up in a single-file line and everyone standing on a bed. No, that’s not how you start a game, none of that makes a difference. The only way for a game of Squid Game to start is if it’s being hosted by a Guard. This is a limited group of people who went through an application process and were promoted to different guard types: Square, Triangle, and Circle.

To find hosted games, you need to join the Squid Game Discord. If you go under the Game Session category, look for the host-announcements channel. You will see people link their profile and you will need to click on the link and join the game shown under it.

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When you finally manage to get into a game, you will play a game of red light/green light and the various other games that are played in the tv series. If you break the rules or commit a foul then you will be killed!

There is a registration process of sorts, but it is very unclear what it actually does. It doesn’t seem to be required, because guests can play the game as normal. You can go to this game on Roblox to register, but I have no idea what it actually does.

If you want to try and be a guard, you will need to fill out an application. You will find it here, but it’s not always available to be filled out and appears to be closed most of the time.

You can see someone actually playing the game in this video:

This is all very confusing and could be better handled in the future. It looks like registrations are going to be automatic at some point, so maybe that will help things go more smoothly!

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  1. Derekpy11

    i can’t join the discord server

    1. Squid Game Creator

      why u cant join?

      1. Baka

        It won’t start

  2. siplon06

    im register a squid game

    1. Squid Game Creator

      cool! it is fun?