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How to trade in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD)

We're taking a look at the requirements and how to for trading in Roblox All Star Tower Defense!
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All Star Tower Defense is one of the largest games in Roblox, and they continue to add new features to the game. In the most recent update, you will now have the ability to trade certain units with other players. This process might be a little confusing, so we’re going to go how to do it with this guide!

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Trading in ASTD

To trade in All Star Tower Defense, you will need to open up the Settings window and turn on Trading. However, one requirement to being allowed to trade is that you will have to be level 40 first. Once you’ve reached that level, you can toggle on the trade.

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Once you’ve done that, you just need to get close to the player you want to trade in the lobby and you will see a trade option appear. Click on that and they will be asked if they want to trade. If they accept, you can pick tradeable units and negotiate your trade!

Here’s a look at some of the details of trading from the patch notes that were released with the update:

What Units are tradeable?

Units that are tradeable are only those that are limited!

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  • Banner Units are not Tradeable
  • Trial Units are not Tradeable
  • EXP Units are not Tradeable
  • Material Units are not Tradeable

Tradable Units have a ‘T’ Displayed in the corner of their slot in your inventory.

Won’t trading make the game easier for new players?

Limited Units are considerably weaker then banner Units, these tradeable units are not to advance and aid in progression but rather to enhance your character, thus trading with newer players will not make the game easier for them. Due to the rarity and stock of Limited units ; trading will not cause them to be less rare then before as they will always exist a set amount of them.

Can’t I make a 2nd account and give myself stuff?

We’ve taken measures to ensure that making a second account will not give them faster access to obtaining tradeable units

That’s everything you need to know about trading in Roblox All Star Tower Defense. Be sure to check out the ASTD section of our site for more details on the game.

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