How to unlock Area Teleporting in Rogue Legacy 2

There is an easier way to get where you're going in Rogue Legacy 2. Learn how to unlock area teleporting with the Pizza Girl in Rogue Legacy 2.
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Rogue Legacy 2 is the sequel to the hit Rogue-like game in 2013. This series has risen in popularity due to the unique spin on the classic formula. Players take the role of any number of descendants as they try to solve the riddles of the monumental buildings in front of them. The series has evolved upon this with the Kingdom in Rogue Legacy 2.

Each new attempt at the Kingdom in Rogue Legacy 2 is a new map, so players have to start each time they enter. The different biomes that players have to find each time make the journey much longer and limit the player based on any damage they’d taken. Luckily, there’s a way to keep from searching for each area.

How to unlock Pizza Delivery teleporter in Rogue Legacy 2

Since the map is constantly shifting, but you need to find specific areas, Cellar Door Games introduced a new mechanic that allows players to unlock the different teleporters. Once the player progresses far enough in Axis Mundi, you’ll need to head into one of the doors in the map’s background. Then, once you’ve spoken to Maria the Pizza Girl, they’ll be able to unlock teleporters next round.

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After you talk to Maria the first time, you’ll start seeing them on the dock by the shop to the top right. Every time the player leaves for the Kingdom, the Pizza Girl will jump into the boat and travel with you. Unlike the player, however, this new friend has plenty of experience with the changing layout of the Kingdom and can always make it back to the dock.

They won’t unlock the teleporters for free, either. Each time the player needs to open a new area’s teleporter, the Pizza Girl will charge the player. It isn’t cheap, as Axis Mundi’s teleporter costs over 1500 gold to unlock permanently. The prices only scale-up, and players will need to grind for a little while to unlock this feature.

It’s well worth what players will spend to unlock it, though. The ability to immediately travel to where you need to go without sacrificing health or mana is an excellent asset in Rogue Legacy 2. Players who can unlock the Pizza Girl’s teleporters will be much closer to completing their objectives and getting through The Golden Doors.

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