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How to unlock classes in Tribes of Midgard

We're taking a look at how to unlock all of the classes in Tribes of Midgard so that you can vary your attack against enemies in the game!
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In Tribes of Midgard, you will be fighting against savage monsters and challenging giants to protect your tree from harm. To aide you in this fight, you will be able to pick from a number of classes that will determine your playstyle, and hopefully help you get through the tough nights when the blood moon rises and unleashes angry minions against you. We’ll explore what you need to do to open up these classes options in this guide.

Unlocking Classes in Tribes of Midgard

Each class in the Tribes of Midgard will require that you complete a certain task to unlock them. Here are the ways to unlock each of the classes:

  • Ranger – Unlocked when you start the game
  • Warrior – Unlocked when you start the game
  • Guardian – Defeat 3 Jotnar in a World (Saga Mode)
  • Seer – Use the Bifrost to exit 10 Worlds (Saga Mode)
  • Hunter – Activate all Shrines in a World (Saga Mode)
  • Berserker – Defeat 20 enemies in 10 seconds in a World (Saga Mode)
  • Sentinel – Block 25 attacks in 10 seconds in a World (Saga Mode)
  • Warden – Survive beyond Day 15 in a World (Saga Mode)

As you can see, all of these need to be unlocked when playing in Saga Mode. You can’t get them by playing in the Survival portion of the game!

We will now go over a bit more detail for unlocking each of the classes.


You will need to defeat 3 Jotnar in a single World. These spawn every few days and they are quite difficult to beat. However, if you’ve got some friends in your game and you’ve been able to upgrade your character enough, then you should be able to slay the three required to unlock the guardian.


The Seer is a class that you will need to unlock over a period of time. You need to use the Bifrost exit 10 times. The Bifrost is not available until you slay the first Jotun spawn of a world. Once you have done so, you can head back to town and use the Bifrost to return to Valhalla and collect your reward. This will close out this game, and you won’t be able to return. Repeat this process 10 times and you will receive the Seer!


Shrines spawn all over the world, so make sure to explore as much as possible and if you can survive long enough you should be able to track them all down. They appear as a yellow star icon on your map, be on the lookout for it!


Use the Warrior class to equip a shield and block the attacks of enemies by holding it up. You will hopefully want to aggro some weaker monsters and have them just beat on you enough that you can complete the quest.


You will need to survive through many days to collect the Warden. This one will just require that you learn the game and gather up some friends to hopefully make it to the 15 days required.

That’s everything we know about unlocking classes in Tribes of Midgard! We will be covering the game extensively during the release, so be sure to check out the Tribes of Midgard section of our website.

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