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How to unlock equipment in Hearthstone Mercenaries

We'll show you the steps that you will need to take to unlock equipment for your cards in Hearthstone Mercenaries!
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Hearthstone has released a brand new way to play the game with the new mode Mercenaries. This can be a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can have a lot of fun fighting it out with a variety of different abilities and units on the board. If you’re getting into the game, and wondering how exactly you can get equipment for your units, we’ll let you know in this guide!

Equipment in Mercenaries

To get equipment in Hearthstone Mercenaries, you will need to complete task 2 or 7 for a particular mercenary or you will need to level up the card to 30. Each one of these options will unlock a single piece of equipment for that particular card.

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If you open up the information on the unit you are interested in getting equipment for you will see the requirements and the equipment they can unlock. Each character has the same requirements to unlock them. However, you will be limited by which ones you can open up by which tasks you get in a day. You get random tasks assigned to you each day by a visitor.

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You will need the visitor to be for the character you’re hoping to get the equipment. The task will remain until you complete it or you abandon it. If you abandon it, the progress you made will be reset, but you will open up a slot for the next day. However, you can receive the same visitor with the same task again. You need to complete two tasks for the same character to unlock one of the pieces of equipment. You will then need to complete up to the seventh task to unlock the other equipment.

If you want more chances to get the tasks you need, you can upgrade your campfire with in-game gold to open up another visitor slot in the Workshop. The first upgrade will cost you 200 Gold.

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Reaching level 30 on a unit will be the most reliable way to get a piece of equipment for a particular card, because you can just play with the character over and over. Waiting for a task could be annoying because of the randomness factor.

Only one piece of equipment can be equipped on a character at one time. So, make sure to choose wisely for the scenario you’re going to be bringing the card into.

That’s everything we know about unlocking equipment in Hearthstone Mercenaries. You can find more coverage on the game in the Hearthstone section of our website.

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