How to use Case Keys in Blade Ball

Wondering how use Case Keys in Blade Ball? We've got you covered!
Blade Ball Update
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Blade Ball is a Roblox game that requires strategy and reflexes to win, which is easier said than done. Blade Ball is ultimately about mastering the art of timing. You have to deflect a ball towards your opponents, and each time it gets deflected, the speed of the ball increases Yet, recently, developer Wiggity has added in currency called Case Keys, but how do you use these Case Keys in Blade Ball?

If you’re on the lookout for free stuff, be sure to head over to our rewards page for free boosts and items that will help you get further in the game!

Where to use Case Keys in Blade Ball

To use Case Keys in Blade Ball, all you need to do is go to the Swords Skins Crate and Explosion Crates, and you’ll see green text above it saying “Open 1 Free!” and hold down E. If you have a Case Key, it will automatically be used instead of having to use Coins/Robux to open it. If this green text is not above the Crates, it means you don’t have a Case Key, and you’ll be prompted to buy or use Robux/Coins instead to open these crates. These can also expire, so use them as soon as possible.

Showing the text above the Blade Ball Crates when you can use a Case Key
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

I will say when I used my Case Keys, the green text was over the Premium Crates so that I could use my Blade Ball Case Keys on them, but when a friend of mine tried, his text was over the Normal Crates. So I believe you have a chance to get a Case Key for Premium Crates as well as Normal Crates.

How to get Case Keys in Blade Ball

To get Case Keys in Blade Ball, you need to first have stayed in the game for 20 minutes in a single session. It must be 20 minutes in one go. If you leave or get disconnected at any point, the Case Key timer will reset, and you’ll have to wait 20 minutes again. You can get one Case Keys a day,

How to see the Case Key timer in Blade Ball

To see the Case Key timer in Blade Ball is simple. Look to the top left corner of the screen, and you’ll see an Extra button. Press this button, and a dropdown menu will appear. From this menu, click Playtime Awards. By pressing this button, a new window will appear in the middle of your screen of all the free things you can get just by playing Blade Ball. In this window will also be Case Key. Once there’s a green tick next to it, you’ll have your Case Keys to use on the Premium Crates.

A menu showing off the free rewards you can get by spending time in Blade Ball, with Green Ticks when you have completed them.
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides
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