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How to use the Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard

If you're wondering how to open up the Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard, we'll teach you how in this easy to follow guide!

If you’re new to Tribes of Midgard, you’re going to want to learn all there is to know about the game. Getting out of a run before your tree goes down will be important, and the way to do that is with the Bifrost. Unfortunately, this isn’t immediately available to you, so we’ll teach you how you can open it up and escape to Valhalla when you are facing certain doom!

Activating and Using the Bifrost

To open up the Bifrost and use it in Tribes of Midgard, you will need to make it at least to day three in the game. This will spawn a Jotun or Giant enemy that you will need to fight. If you can defeat this mini-boss, that will open up the Bifrost for use.

The Bifrost is located near your base, and is not active until you defeat a Giant. Once it becomes activated, you can interact with it to leave that particular game permanent. Leaving the game will allow you to keep the Golden Horns you earn in that particular game. If you beat all of the bosses and are finished with a run you can use it to end the game. If you don’t feel like you can defend your tree through another wave, then use the Bifrost to exit and keep those horns that you earned! Credit to Jade Plays Games for the image above.

The Bifrost is very useful as a last resort when you are overwhelmed with enemies and you think the game is about to end. The Golden Horns are quite valuable for upgrading your items and crafting new recipes. You will want to make sure you collect as many of these as you can, so bail on a game through the Bifrost before your tree goes down.

That’s everything we know about opening up the Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard! We will be covering the game extensively during the release, so be sure to check out the Tribes of Midgard section of our website.

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