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How to use XP Boost in Halo Infinite

We'll show you how you can use XP Boosts to have you leveling faster in Halo Infinite!
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Halo Infinite is the next chapter of the Halo franchise and brings next generation graphics to the series. The game also includes a variety of new features that should please fans new and old. With a new game comes a variety of questions on how to complete certain tasks and use various items in the game. If you aren’t sure how to use XP boost in Halo Infinite, we will show you how with this guide.

XP Boost Guide

XP Boosts are a reward you can receive by leveling up your Battle Pass in Halo Infinite. These are designed to give you away to increase your XP gain so that you can get the most out of your playtime. If you’re a casual gamer, but still like to complete your Battle Pass, then these will be valuable to you.

Unfortunately, you can only get XP Boosts by paying for the Premium version of the Battle Pass. You will earn yourself an XP Boost every six levels you earn in the game during the season.

To use an XP Boost, you will want to follow these steps:

  1. Look for the Boosts menu option. It can be found in many different menus, but once you can use is in the Battle Pass window under Boosts (R-Key on PC and Y Button on Xbox).
  2. Once you’ve arrived at the menu, look for the Double XP Boost option.
  3. Use the Double XP Boost option to enable the bonus.
  4. Play the game and earn double experience!

As mentioned, you can see the Boosts option within the Battle Pass window in the image below. You will find the ability to use this menu in the Season window, and when you’re queueing up for a game.

Halo Infinite Boosts Section Image

Once you are in the menu, you can use the Double XP Boost button to enable the Boost. Keep in mind that you have to have one unlocked, or the option will not be available to you!

Halo Infinite Double Xp Boost Image

That’s everything you need to know about using XP Boosts in Halo Infinite. We have more information on a variety of aspects of the game in the Halo Infinite section of our website!

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