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How to water plants in Len’s Island

We'll teach you everything you'd want to know about watering plants in Len's Island!
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Len’s Island is a single-player survival game created by Flow Studio. You will be able to build, fight, farm, and explore your way around the land looking for adventure. Head all over the place to find items, enemies, and villager that will buy and sell goods. If you’re looking to start your farming in the game, we’ll teach you how you can water your plants in this guide.

Watering Plants

To water plants in Len’s Island, you will need to get a Watering Can. This can be crafted at a Workbench for 8 Fiber, 15 Wood, and 5 Iron Shards. Once you have the resources, you can craft your Watering Can. Add the can to your hotbar from the Tool Chest and select it when ready. Press the W key to use the can when near your plants to water them!

The first step is to craft yourself a Workbench. You can make one of these by gathering 12 Iron Shards, 10 Fiber, and 15 Wood. You will need all of these to craft the Watering Can, so you will to gather it anyway.

  • Iron Shards can be obtained by mining iron nodes with a pickaxe in the Ancient Caves.
  • Wood can be gathered by chopping down trees.
  • Fiber is obtained by breaking down plants with your knife or weapon.

Place down your Workbench and then craft your Watering Can. You will now need to head to a Tool Chest (one is on the boat you landed on the island with), and add the Watering Can to your hotbar.

Head over to your farm where you have your plants, select the Watering Can, face the direction of your farm, and press the W key to start watering. If you’re using a basic Watering Can, you can use it twice before it needs to be refilled.

When your Watering Can is empty, take it to a Well (you can build one) with it selected and click on the Well. This should refill your can and allow you to start watering again!

That’s everything you need to know about watering plants in Len’s Island! Be sure to check out our Len’s Island section of our website for more details on the game.

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