Hunt: Showdown Reveals ‘Myth of the Moors’ Details, Now Open for Wishlist on Steam

New details have emerged on the upcoming 'Myth of the Moors' DLC for Hunt: Showdown, now available for wishlisting on Steam.
Hunt Showdown The Moorhand Character
Image: Crytek

Crytek, the developers of Hunt: Showdown, have unveiled an extensive overview of the forthcoming ‘Myth of the Moors’ DLC, which is now available for addition to Steam wishlists.

The Moorhound, a Legendary Hunter, headlines the new DLC. Once a simple man named Jacob Arawn, he has now become an almost mythical figure, equated with the hound he once sought to destroy. Having survived the harshest lands and witnessed unimaginable horrors, his experiences have honed him into a formidable adversary.

Accompanying The Moorhound are three Legendary Weapons: Maw of Darkness, Hell’s Dewclaw, and Snarling Dawn.

Hunt Showdown Dlc Rifles
Image: Crytek

The Maw of Darkness is a Romero 77 shotgun with a rich history. It once belonged to Jacob’s father and was the only item to return with him from the Underworld to his hometown, Portmadoc. A dependable companion, the shotgun has seen the demise of countless beasts and is poised to claim many more.

Hell’s Dewclaw, a prized Caldwell Pax, was salvaged from a castle that The Moorhound freed from a terror known as Mauthe Doog. Despite its value, the gun is viewed with suspicion by the local inhabitants who now harbor fear of a man thought mad, wielding such a formidable weapon.

Hunt Showdown Dlc Pistols
Image: Crytek

Finally, Snarling Dawn, a flare pistol, cuts through the dense moor mist to reveal The Moorhound’s quarry. Despite the risk of exposing his location, the sight of Snarling Dawn’s light often signifies that it’s too late for any ill-fated prey.

However, the ‘Myth of the Moors’ DLC encompasses more than just new characters and weapons. It presents an intriguing backstory involving myths, monstrous hounds, and a singular journey into the underworld. The narrative centers on Jacob Arawn, who was once part of a group set out to destroy a threatening hound. Only Jacob returned, bringing back the head of an enormous dog. Jacob’s tales of this quest vary, yet one fact remains unchanged – he was the only one to escape the Underworld.

This began a series of events where Jacob was sought out by other towns living in fear of their dark Hellhounds. This resulted in Jacob traversing various moors to exterminate the threatening hounds. As a consequence, stories of The Black Dog began to recede, replaced instead by accounts of The Moorhound, a protector figure who guards the sacred moors from trespassers.

Now, the tale takes a new twist as Jacob prepares to venture to new lands, leaving behind his mythical reputation as The Moorhound, continuing his quest to rid the world of Hell’s hounds. Whether motivated by a desire for a fresh start or simply driven by his singular focus to hunt, it’s clear that the tale of The Moorhound is far from over.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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