Indiana Jones allegedly coming to Fortnite, more info on Darth Vader

According to Tabor Hill, two famous characters are confirmed for Fortnite Chapter Three, Season Three.
Featured Indiana Jones Possibly Coming To Fortnite Image

Fortnite is the place for crossovers as it continues to partner with gaming and entertainment franchises. Chapter Three alone has already seen Spider-Man, Boba Fett, Bruno Mars, and more. Now, another rumored skin is in the works for Chapter Three, Season Three, and one that no one saw coming.

Recently, Epic held the State of Unreal to showcase the new Unreal Engine 5. During the program, a monitor was visible with multiple file names. One of these names included Darth Vader, previously leaked by creators like Shiina. Another leaker who’s been accurate in the past, Tabor Hill, has posted a video on YouTube stating some new information about Vader and Indiana Jones.

Darth Vader coming to Fortnite

The video opens with Darth Vader, who many fans recognized in the leak from the file name “S3C3_Vader.” According to Hill, information points to Darth Vader coming as a skin in Chapter Three, Season Three, but that’s not all. The following season will feature Darth Vader as a boss on the map that players will be able to defeat.

The YouTuber speculates about what the hero’s potential mythic weapon could be. The Mandalorian had the Amban Sniper Rifle, Hill mentions. He also notes that even though many fans have speculated it will be a Star Wars-themed season, it’s not likely to happen. There could be a point of interest tied to the franchise where Vader stays, but it’s unlikely to be the entire theme.

Indiana Jones, and maybe more, leaked in Unreal presentation

After Hill finished discussing his Vader points, he moved on to some of the other file names shown in the leak. Some characters were already included in the game, such as Master Chief. Some of the names contained in the files also referenced Family Guy and “S3C3_Jones.” The former is obvious, but the latter was thought to be another Snapshot of Agent Jones. That was wrong.

Indiana Jones is expected to come to Fortnite sometime in Chapter Three, Season Three. The famous adventurer will either be a collaboration in the item store or connected to the Battle Pass somehow. Unfortunately, not much is known about this character other than he will be coming at some point in the next season.

Many people have assumed that this leak was on purpose, but Epic has been known to let information slip in the past. So now one has to wonder what this means for confirmation of Family Guy in Fortnite.

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