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Is Warface Crossplay?

We're taking a look at what devices and platforms you can play Warface on with crossplay.
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In Warface, you will be playing an online shooter that is free-to-play and incorporates both PVP mode and some action-packed PVE missions and raids that you can party up to battle against. Games like these are always more fun with friends, so you are likely wondering if you’ll be able to group up with the people you know regardless of what platform they play on. We’ll explore this topic in this guide.

Warface is a free-to-play game, so that does mean there are microtransactions for you to engage in. The debate on whether or not some of this is pay-to-win rages on like in most games of this nature. You can purchase a wide-variety of different bundles and special weapons with premium currency, but there are ways for you to earn items by just playing the game.

Can you cross play in Warface?

Yes, you can play with players across three different console platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The Switch was added more recently and was not available initially. Unfortunately, if you play on a PC, you can’t join up with the players who play on consoles. You are left to fight it out among the other keyboard and mouse players. This is likely to the relief of most console players.

According to some players on the Nintendo Switch, you are at a pretty big disadvantage if you are playing on the console. You are locked at 30FPS, while other consoles are running at 60. To compensate for this downside, there’s some kind of compensation being made, but this has become problematic due to poor hit registration. That unfortunately can be the problem with combining devices across all platforms, particularly when it comes to lower powered platforms.

Crossplay is turned on by default, so if you are unhappy with getting mixed in with players that have higher grade devices, you can turn it off in the game settings under the System tab. However, this might make it take a whole lot longer for you to find a game. Due to it being on by default, most players aren’t going to tamper with it, and you will be in a small minority of people who are attempting to play without it!

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