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Islands is getting Diamond Tools & Weapons in the next update!

Islands is getting a new update very soon, and it appears that diamonds are going to be a big part of it!
Roblox Islands Diamond Tools Weapons Image

If you’re a big fan of Roblox Islands, then you will be happy to know that it looks like diamonds are on the way to the game! While this information has been leaked, it has been pretty much confirmed at the very least that diamonds will be showing up via the Islands official Twitter.

The leak has pointed to the arrival of at least two new diamond tools. One axe and one pickaxe. These will seemingly be upgrades to the Gilded Steel Pickaxe and Axe. I don’t know that they’re going to do a whole lot more than either of those, but the damage should be increased, which should make harvesting a lot easier.

Islands leaked diamond tools and cart

As you can see from the above image (credit to Leak Gang on Twitter), there’s also some kind of minecart available. We’re not entirely sure what this will do, but it may be used to get around in the mine or be used to haul out massive ore!

Islands leaked diamond weapons

Not only are there going to be diamond tools, but diamond weapons as well! If you want to beat people up in PVP, or you want to smack some monsters then you’re going to likely need some of these weapons. There’s a hammer, which will probably require some heavy melee skill! The other three appear to light melee, but the one in the middle of the three could be heavy.

There’s also a staff weapon of some sort, which will likely be a magic weapon. So you will either need to level up your magic skill to get the blueprint, or you might be able to get it another way!

This new update appears to be launching on February 12th, 2021! So, check back on our site for details on how you get each of these items, and what other stuff is apart of the new update!

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