King Legacy Update 4.0 log and patch notes released

Roblox King Legacy has just dropped their big new 4.0 update that brings a bunch of new content, revamps, and changes to the game!
Featured King Legacy Update

Roblox King Legacy has just releases its 4.0 update on November 2nd, 2022! In this patch, you will find a wide-variety of changes and bug fixes have been added to the experience. These will hopefully help clear up any issues you may have had and allow you to find some new stuff to do in the game.

If any new freebies are added, you will find them on our King Legacy Codes page! The following details come from the official King Legacy Discord and have been slightly reformatted.

  • Added New 2 Island (2ND SEA)
  • Added New 2 Awake Fruit
  • Added New 8 Swords
  • Added New 11 Accessories
  • Added Dark Leg V2
  • Added Observation V2
  • Added Armament V2 (You can change the haki shade colours in game)
  • Unfortunately Armament V2 Weapon haki on mobile it’s bugged due to roblox glitch so we can’t do anything about it as of now.
  • Added New Hydra Sea King Bosses
  • Hydra spawns in sea beast island has a chance of being hydra instead of sea beast (Mythical Sea Beast)
  • Added Tier 4 Chest (Hydra only)
    Hydra chests chance
    • Tier 1 Chest 1%
    • Tier 2 Chest 74%
    • Tier 3 Chest 24%
    • Tier 4 Chest 1%
      Hydra Phase I 2.5M HP
      Hydra Phase II 5M HP
      Hydra Phase Body 2M HP
  • Hydra will spawn 2 hydra’s minions 10B HP (Which is impossible to kill)

Revamp & Change

  • Revamped String fruit
  • Phoenix (Full Form) / You won’t be able to move while using X and E move on phoenix full form anymore.
  • Sky Jump will automatically recharge to full when you touched the ground
  • Sky Jumps will scale on level [+1 every 500 levels] instead of melee stats (Cap: 8)
  • Every fruits flight move can only be used for 10 seconds
  • You can’t equip/unequip awake while holding skill
  • Added Acroscyth weapon Animation
  • Snow / X not do damage anymore
  • Fixed Mobile Direction while charging
  • some balances was made to everything in the game swords, fighting styles, fruits [can’t go in depth here it would be too long.]
  • If you’re too far away from your targets/enemy your damage will be avoided [you won’t do any damage to your target]
  • Your moves can now be cancelled if you got attack while using it
  • Changed legacy islands spawn so it spawn closer to the main islands
  • Revamped dash animation and also made the dash faster
  • Removed ghost ship from legacy pose
  • Normal enemies and bosses will now target you if you go nearby them [hostile]
  • List of revamped bosses / also gave them some skills
    * 1st Sea*
  • Ball Man [Lv. 850]
  • Bomb Man [Lv. 625]
  • Candle Man [Lv. 525]
  • Combat Fishman [Lv. 2050]
  • Dark Leg [Lv. 300]
  • Dory [Lv. 350]
  • King Snow [Lv. 450]
  • Leader [Lv. 1100]
  • Leo [Lv. 1400]
  • Wolf [Lv. 1250]
  • Giraffe [Lv. 1325]
  • Little Dear [Lv. 500]
  • Pasta [Lv. 1150]
  • Seasoned Fishman [Lv. 2200]
  • Shark Man [Lv. 230]
  • Smoky [Lv. 20]
  • Tashi [Lv. 30]
  • The Barbaric
    * 2nd Sea*
  • Bean Lv. 2800
  • Bear Man [Lv. 2750]
  • Duke Lv. 2550
  • Elite Skeleton [Lv. 3100]
  • Gazelle Man [Lv. 2350]
  • Joey Lv. 3000
  • Meji Lv. 2850
  • Pachy Woman [Lv. 2900]
  • Violet Samurai [Lv. 2500]

Game UI

  • New Inventory Appearance (Swords, Accessories, Fruits)
  • New Fruit Shop Appearance
  • New Random Fruit Appearance
  • New map
  • New server browser (BETA TEST)
  • New server region (check server ping)
  • New red bar inside health display
  • New raid boss health display
  • New Settings Enable/Disable Ally Effects
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  1. ABY55IREN

    I like the new update but what makes it bad is the target system and the fact that enemies can now cancel attacks. This makes enemies more like bosses if you do not have a logia type fruit. Please remove the attack cancel and lower the area enemies can target.

  2. Alvin chen m tan

    Please revamp strongest awakening quake and add more damage and Fulminate is very low damage is 4k revamp fulminate. Thanks po

  3. Turbulancexxx

    Someone like chopper can’t be beat I mean he spams
    that same move with his sword and it’s annoying

  4. Turbulancexxx

    U also increased final np
    c damage

  5. Turbulancexxx

    I don’t like the flight for only 10 seconds

  6. Vulture

    Hello sir/madam I am playing your Game King legacy The New Update which You Have Made is Trash. Literally Magma fruit powers also become trash. The 3.51 Update has some backdrops the New update You Released Was literally Trash Please Reconsider Of Some changes I am player and Fan of Your Work

  7. Egg

    The update is complete trash and makes the game all but unplayable