King Legacy Update 4.5.0 log and patch notes released

Roblox King Legacy has just dropped their big new 4.5.0 update that brings a bunch of new content, revamps, and changes to the game!
Featured King Legacy Update

Roblox King Legacy has just releases its 4.5.0 update on January 13th, 2022! In this patch, you will find a wide-variety of changes and bug fixes have been added to the experience. These will hopefully help clear up any issues you may have had and allow you to find some new stuff to do in the game.

Some new freebies were added, you will find them on our King Legacy Codes page! The following details come from the official King Legacy Discord and have been slightly reformatted.


  • Bomb V1
  • Gravity V1
  • Electro V1
  • Venom V1 V2
  • Water Style
  • Spin
  • Starter Melee Combat


  • Phoenix Blade’s Damage
  • Reduced Boss Health -50% (First Sea)
  • Reduced Ghost ship health 7.5M => 3M
  • Reduced Hydra Health
    •    Phase I 2.5M => 2M
    •    Phase II 5M => 3M


  • Adjusted Longaevus’s Damage
  • Adjusted Night Blade Z Awake’s Damage
  • Adjusted Quake Awake’s Damage


  • Muramasa Increase Cooldown/Nerfed Damage/Buffed Muramasa Stack Faster
  • Adjusted Shop Prices
    • Gem
      • 119 R$ (5 => 25)
      • 449 R$ (25 => 125)
      • 829 R$ (50 => 250)
      • 1500 R$ (100 => 500)
      • 3349 R$ (250 => 1250)
    • Money
      • 50 R$ (25K => 100K)
      • 199 R$ (110K => 400K)
      • 349 R$ (210K => 700K)
      • 499 R$ (325K => 1M)
      • 999 R$ (700K => 2M)
  • Fruit Restock every 1 Hour => 3 Hours


  • Acroscyth / Sweet Lozenge / Pumpkin Smasher now Tradable!
  • Revamp Trade UI
  • Revamp Skill locked display
  • Revamp Combo Damage Display UI
  • Revamp Settings UI
  • Allies Players
    • UI’s Name showing Green Color also Obeservation.
  • NPC instantly stop follow when you’re at the safe zone.
  • Added Eating Fruit Animation
  • Added Custom animation
  • Added Walk/Wun footstep sounds
  • Added Race Human,Mink,Skypian,Fishman
  • Added Blacksmith 
    • Sword can be now upgradable by Materials
  • Added Materials
  • Added Logia’s effect hit sound
  • Added Gamepass Spawn Hydra
  • Added Armament Color Storage
  • Added Movement Animation Store
  • Added Destroyable Tree , Log can be obtained by destroying it!
  • Added Logia hit sound effects
  • Added Tracking Quest Button
  • Prevent changing a inventory item during combat.
  • While Hovering the Exp and Health both all numbers can be seen. 
  • While hovering over the status text will show stats information such as SAFE ZONE/SUPER SAFEZONE/IN COMBAT/PVP DISABLED 
  • When killed player or Level up will regen health 50% 
  • Fixed sky jump while you’re dashing
  • Remove several skill moves that have to be held while attacking.
    •  Dark Skill Z,X
    •  Dough Skill V
    •  Light Skill V
    •  Phoenix Skill X
    •  Soul Cane Skill X
    •  Etc. (Mostly on holding skills)
  • Changed Sea Texture
  • Health’s Regen will be stopped when you’re using the skill (Holding)
  • Revamp Animation more smooth combine (Magma E Griffin, Ice Avis)
  • Fixed Sea King , Hydra glitch not spawn
  • ifunable to reach the Damage Requirement player won’t be able to collect the treasure.
    •  Sea King require 100k Damage
    •  Hydra require 250k Damage
  • Legacy Island will only sink after someone claimed the chest,Who opened the chest first ‘the island will  sink in 5 minutes.
  • The Requirement for open the Legacy Island’s Chest.
    •  100K+ Damage on Sea King
    •  250K+ Damage on Hydra
  • X2 drop item gamepass now availble on sea king,hydra chest,materials.
  • Added Number of legacy island and countdown time before island will sink.
  • Random Conqueror Color now need to use Sea King’s Fin x1. material to random
  • Daily Login Reward (Reset every 20 Hours after claimed)
  • You will spawn latest position you died or left game.


  • Human
    • V1 – Teleportation more further.
    • V2 – ???
  • Mink (Boost running speed’s stack only when equipped Speed’s Accessories) 
    • V1 – Run Faster
    • V2 – ???
  • Sky 
    • V1 – Sky Jump Higher (Landing passive by holding a jump while falling within the air. ) 
    • V2 – ???
  • Fish
    • V1 – Decreased Swim Damage , Swim Faster , Able to see through Underwater clearly.
    • V2 – ???
  • New 33 Materials
  • New Blacksmith
    • Upgrade your swords by materials (Current Cap: +1)
  • New Island
  • New Quest
  • Level Cap: 3800
  • Added All Races Progression
  • Added Electro Progression
  • Added Dragon Claw Progression
  • Added Daily Quest
  • Added New 1 Fruit
  • Added New 1 Sword

Event: Santa Factory

  • Limited Sword
  • Limited Accessories
  • Candy material can use to random fruit
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