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KreekCraft’s Timmeh Game Release Date & Announcement!

KreekCraft is partnering up with Wonder Works Studio to release the game Timmeh on the Roblox platform!
Featured Roblox Timmeh Image

KreekCraft, a popular Roblox YouTuber, has been releasing cryptic messages through his social channels. All of these details have finally come to the announcement that KreekCraft will be releasing a game with Wonder Works Studio, the makers of Overlook Bay, called Timmeh!

The game looks to be kind of a mix of different types, such as Piggy and Murder Mystery. The vibe of the game also feels a bit like the Netflix show, Stranger Things. You will be able to complete episodes like in Piggy that will eventually conclude a story. There’s going to be coins you can earn to unlock items, and you will be able to level up your player to get even more items and ranks. From the description, it also looks like there will be a Season Pass and you will be able to trade with your friends.

You can favorite and follow the game via the Timmeh! Beta Roblox page.

KreekCraft’s new Roblox game Timmeh’s release date is September 3rd, 2021 at 10am PT!

Game Announcement Video

Game Description

Kreek and Timmeh need your help to save the entire universe, all while solving the worlds biggest mystery!

✨Join our beta for exclusive and limited rewards!✨

🌌Complete Episodes to Solve the BIG Mystery!
💰Earn Timmeh Coins to Unlock Limited Items!
☝️Level Up Your Player to Unlock Exclusive Items and Ranks!
🏆Complete the Season Pass for Limited and Exclusive Rewards!
🎁Trade with Your Friends to Complete Your Collections!
🤑Check-In Daily for FREE Bonuses and Rewards!


Follow @WonderWorksRB on Twitter for updates!
Join our Roblox Group for weekly exclusive group rewards! 🤑

🔔🔔Make sure to FOLLOW our game to get notifications of NEW updates!🔔🔔

Those are all of the details that have been revealed behind the upcoming Roblox game Timmeh! You will be able to find additional information on how to play this game in the Timmeh section of our website.

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