Legacy Piece Races Guide – Best Race!

Want to know what the best race is in Legacy Piece? Then we have the answers along with the roll rate chances to get them!
Legacy Piece Mink Race
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Are you ready to explore the captivating world of Legacy Piece? In this guide, we’ll delve into the varied races available in the game, each offering unique buffs, traits, and advantages. Let’s look at each race and its characteristics to help you find out what race you want to be and your chances of becoming one!

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What is the Best Race in Legacy Piece? – Races Guide

In Legacy Piece, each race boasts distinct advantages that can significantly influence your damage and more. Let’s examine the traits and buffs offered by each race:

Human (65% Roll Rate)

As a plain old Human, you’ll enjoy increased Mastery EXP gain, heightened Normal EXP gain, and improved Health Regeneration.

Fishman (18% Roll Rate)

The Fishman race grants you aquatic-themed skin color, a fin on the back, and bonuses such as increased Swimming Speed, extended Breath Duration, and increased Fist Damage.

Skypiean (10% Roll Rate)

The Skypiean race blesses you with non-functional large white wings on the back and increased Jump Height and Stamina.

Mink (5% Roll Rate)

If you roll as a Mink, you’ll sport animal features like ears and tails and benefit from heightened Speed, increased StamSpeedand the ability to use the Electro fighting style.

Oni (2% Roll Rate)

As an Oni, you’ll have horns on your head and gain double Health Points, Ability Damage, and Combat Damage. However, this race has a debuff; you’ll be much slower in every aspect.

The best race is a toss-up between Mink and Oni. Mink gives you more Speed and is the only race allowed to use Electro style, but Oni’s has x2 of everything, but Speed is genuinely great. I speeded to get Mink, but I wouldn’t settle for anything that wasn’t Mink or Oni. Get one of those, and you should be set in Legacy Piece.

How to Reroll Your Race in Legacy Piece

Upon entering Legacy Piece, players begin as Humans but have the option to reroll their race. This is done through the customize page accessible from the menu. On this page, you should see Spin Menu in the bottom right corner.

Legacy Piece Spin Menu
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The game initially provides three free rerolls, which you can use by pressing the green Spin button at the bottom right corner, and the race that you are is at the top of the screen. Subsequent rerolls can be purchased with Robux or obtained using codes available on our Legacy Piece codes page.

Legacy Piece Spins Race
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