Lies of P Alidoro Choice – Should you choose Venigni or Krat

A very important decision lies with where to send Alidoro in Lies of P. Should you tell him the truth or lie? We've got the consequences for both outcomes!
Lies Of P Alidoro Cathedral

In the captivating dark world of Lies of P, players will encounter a myriad of choices that shape their journey. One of the earliest decisions you can make revolves around Alidoro, the fox merchant. He’ll ask you if you know a safe place, but it’s your decision whether to tell him the truth or not, whether to send him to Venigni Works or Hotel Krat.

Our Lies of P Alidoro Choice guide will show you the consequences of both of these choices. I recommend telling the truth, as you get access to boss weapons faster.

Should You Send Alidoro To Venigni Works or Hotel Krat in Lies of P?

Quite early in your Lies of P adventure, you’ll come across Alidoro, a fox merchant, who’s an essential NPC. Alidoro is perched atop a cathedral, only accessible via a lift. He claims to have been hiding from the madness outside, and upon meeting another “sound mind,” he introduces himself. I’ve played a lot of this game, and I’ve noticed that interactions like these can have significant consequences in the later parts of the story, especially on the ending that you get.

Lies Of P Alidoro Choice Hotel Krat Or Venigni Works

Alidoro will then pose a question that sets the tone for your relationship with him: where can he find refuge? He’s looking for somewhere “clean, comfortable, and civilized.” The game presents you with two Alidoro choices: the Venigni Works Puppet Factory and the Hotel Krat.

The Truth: Sending Alidoro to Hotel Krat in Lies of P

If you decide to be truthful and recommend Hotel Krat, Alidoro will express his gratitude. As a token of appreciation, he’ll provide you with the ability to trade boss Ergo for boss weapons and amulets. This choice aligns with the “Always Truth” playthrough, which many players, including me, have found rewarding. I’ve spent a lot of time playing in the game’s world and found that honesty often yields the best results.

The Lie: Sending Alidoro to Venigni Works Puppet Factory in Lies of P

On the other hand, if you choose to deceive Alidoro by suggesting the Venigni Works Puppet Factory, you’ll temporarily lose access to his goods, aka boss weapons and more. But all is not lost. You can find him again at the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer.

Here, he’ll give you another chance to guide him. If you continue with the deception and direct him to Elysion Boulevard, he’ll catch on, having already visited and witnessed its destruction by puppets. Regardless of your choice, he’ll eventually make his way to Hotel Krat, where you can trade with him. Opting for deception throughout is essential for the “Always Lie” playthrough. I’ve played so many games over the years, and I’ve learned that sometimes, the journey is more about the choices we make than the outcomes they produce.

No matter what Alidoro’s choice you make, whether you choose to lie or tell the truth, both paths lead Alidoro to the hotel. The real impact lies in your playthrough style: truth or lie, as they both can alter your ending of Lies of P.

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