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Lost Ark: How to Get the Egg Pet Pack

From now until April 5th, Lost Ark players can use Amazon Prime's Prime Gaming feature to unlock in-game rewards, including a pet, 5 days of Crystalline Aura and Amethyst Shards.
Lost Ark Egg Pet Pack Image

Lost Ark is the Korean MMORPG that recently exploded in popularity in the west. With it’s western release being handled by Amazon’s gaming division, players can be sure to get tons of rewards through Twitch and Prime Gaming. Here’s everything you need to know to claim the newest reward available, the Egg Pet Pack.

How to Get the Egg Pet

Players with an Amazon Prime account can head over to the Prime Gaming tab during the month of March to collect their Lost Ark rewards. By simply connecting your steam account, you are then given the chance to redeem this month’s Lost Ark prizes; days of Crystalline Aura, 500 Amethyst Shards and one Egg Pet Chest.

The Egg Pet Chest comes with three options, with each name color-coded differently; Do not let this confuse you, as all three pets are of the same rarity. The yellow-text Bouncy egg is no more valuable than the others, despite what Lost Ark’s loot rating has taught us to believe.

Egg Pack Image

Each pet comes with a ship specialty power, giving you either fire, ice, or wind resistance for your Stronghold.

However, it should be noted that the Egg Pet only has ne available power, as opposed to the two usually available to pets. While some players thought this was a bug initially, it has been confirmed to be an intended feature; Until western servers get the Pet Farming feature available in Korea, it may be best to stick to your stronger pets.

In addition to a free pet, the Crystalline Aura and Amethyst Shards are a big boon for frequent Lost Ark players. Five extra days of Crystalline Aura means savings on a Lost Ark membership, giving you more in-game benefits without having to pay for them. Amethyst Shards are always a big help too, getting you closer to buying one of those awesome skins in the shop.

Once claimed from Amazon’s Prime Gaming webpage, you’ll find all of your rewards in your inventory. It is then added to the armory system, being made available to all of your characters on that server.

That’s everything you need to get the Prime Gaming Egg Pet in Lost Ark! Check out our other Lost Ark articles for other class builds and guides.

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