Marvel Snap Temporarily Disables Kitty Pryde Due to Game Crashes

Marvel Snap developers have temporarily disabled Kitty Pryde to address an issue causing game crashes, with compensation for players promised.
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Marvel Snap, the fast-paced strategic card battler featuring your favorite Marvel heroes and villains, has temporarily disabled Kitty Pryde due to an issue causing game crashes. The developers released a statement explaining that they are working to resolve the problem and that players cannot queue into matches with Kitty Pryde in their decks. Additionally, she has been removed from random card generation abilities and will not appear in future card rotations in the Token Shop.

Players who currently have Kitty Pryde in their Token Shop will receive an error when attempting to purchase the card. The developers have apologized for the inconvenience and have promised to compensate all players at a future date. They are working hard to resolve the issue and will provide updates as more information becomes available. The Marvel Snap community is asked to be patient as the developers troubleshoot the problem.

Here’s the official statement from the Marvel Snap Twitter account:

We’ve temporarily disabled Kitty Pryde while we resolve an issue that sometimes results in a game crash when playing against Kitty Pryde.

Players cannot queue into matches with Kitty Pryde in their deck, and we’ve removed her from random card generation abilities. Kitty Pryde will also not show in future card rotations in the Token Shop & players who currently have her in their shop will receive an error when trying to purchase the card.

We’re sorry for this inconvenience and will compensate all players at a future date. We’re working hard to resolve this issue and will provide updates as we learn more information. Thank you for being so patient with us as we troubleshoot this issue!

Marvel Snap offers a unique gaming experience where players assemble their dream team from a roster of Marvel heroes and villains, battling in quick, three-minute matches. With over 50 different locations from the Marvel Universe, weekly new additions, and the ability to “snap” to raise the stakes during a match, players can enjoy a variety of gameplay options. The game also features daily, weekly, and monthly updates, including new cards, cosmetics, season passes, ranked seasons, challenges, missions, and events, ensuring that Marvel Snap remains fresh and engaging.

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