Marvel Snap will refund players after Nexus Event disaster

Marvel Snap is attempting damage control by returning all gold spent on the Nexus Events, according to a new update.
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Marvel Snap is desperately trying to repair their relationship with players after the severe backlash to their “Nexus” events, by returning all gold players have spent on the events. The devs also promise to give a Jane Foster base card to every player, even if they didn’t participate in the Nexus Events.

Here’s the full update, from Marvel Snap’s official Twitter feed:

This decisive action was taken after fans called out the monetization practices in the game, which so many free-to-play titles attempt, with similar results.

For example, FTP shooter Apex Legends previously had a very bad habit of charging more than double the normal price for “Event Packs”. Until recently, they carefully hid desired cosmetics there, without any means of purchasing them directly.

Regardless of the price, randomizing cosmetics are always going to anger fans. It was a hilariously poor, greedy decision to begin this way, when so many titles have already suffered from such tactics.

It looks like the devs wanted to see how far they could push their fans before a US launch, which is expected this year but still hasn’t been cemented.

It remains to be seen if the damage control was swift and comprehensive enough, given how blatant the game’s approach was. Naturally, devs are free to charge as much as they want, and the fans can freely spend at will, but locking cards this way was just plain shameless.

Now the devs say they’re testing “new monetization features” and exploring “fair and fun ways” to acquire cards. The most successful methods have already been established the hard way by other titles, so it’d be smart to simply adopt them.

It’ll be an uphill battle, but if games like Battlefront II can gradually win back support (a dreaded EA title), then Marvel Snap certainly has a chance.

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