Meta Quest 3 is planned to release Fall 2023, signups begin now

The Meta Quest 3 has been officially announced and will become available at some point in Fall 2023.
Meta Quest 3 Headset
Image: Meta

Virtual Reality is still in its early stages, with companies releasing new headsets with improved capabilities every few years. Many praised the first two generations of the Meta Quest wireless headset, with the third generation, the Meta Quest 3, just announced to be coming sometime in Fall 2023.

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, announced the new headset in a blog post ahead of the Meta Quest gaming showcase coming later today. According to the announcement, the Meta Quest 3 is expected to release this fall with the 128GB headset starting at $499 plus tax. As with the other generations, there will be devices with larger storage at an increased price.

One of the more noticeable differences in the Meta Quest 3 is that the controllers have been upgraded to the Meta Quest Touch Pro VR ones, which noticeably don’t have a hand guard. The cameras on the front of the headset also appear to be much larger, likely meaning a more reliable pass-through and barrier functionality for player safety.

It’s also noticeably slimmer, which will likely make it lighter and easier to wear for longer play sessions, something that players have complained about with current devices.

The new cameras will likely also work into the Alternative Reality experiences that Meta, and even Zuckerberg himself, have been trying to push. In the blog, there’s an image showing a player taking part in a turn-based strategy game that’s clearly happening on some kind of surface in a living room. More companies have been experimenting with these ideas recently, so this may be attractive to some customers.

As with previous headsets, it’s likely that Meta will announce new titles that are meant to launch alongside Meta Quest 3. The whole reason to evolve the headset is to produce greater opportunities for games and Meta has proven it’s willing to invest in certain titles.

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Christian Harrison

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