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Metaverse Champions event has been revealed!

The Metaverse Champions Roblox event has finally been revealed and will be starting on April 15th according to the Google Play Store description!
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A rumored event that will possibly be replacing the Egg Hunt for 2021 has been officially revealed and it’s called The Metaverse Champions community event. There’s been a lot of speculation about what this event will be, but not much official information released. Based on Roblox’s Google Play page, it looks like the event will start on April 15th and end on May 20th, 2021. This information may have been released early, so it’s possible that it gets removed soon, but you can check it out below.

LIMITED TIME ONLY (April 15 – May 20): The Metaverse Champions community event is live! Rally behind your favorite champions and set out on a quest to collect dozens of exclusive items across over 180 unique experiences on Roblox. Whose champion will reign supreme? *

From Roblox’s Google Play Page

According to Bloxy news, it looks like there will be factions with four Mystery Boxes that contain avatar accessories, which can be found across 180 different Roblox games. You will need to collect these items to earn the particular Avatar bundle.

There are four different Metaverse Champions that you will be able to collect:

AJ Striker

He’s participated in just about every battle throughout time. His cyborg arm is a trend of the 2100s: he created and attached it himself! Earn this bundle by collecting all four of AJ’s Crate Drops, and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub.

Fey Yoshida

You’re sure to find her artwork scattered throughout every major metropolitan area on the planet. She screams, “Neon Lights. The Midnight Hour. Rebellion!” Earn this bundle by collecting all four of Fey’s Terror Cases, and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub.

Wren Brightblade

They are no stranger to a great adventure. If you’ve got a quest, you can bet on them to complete it! Earn this bundle by collecting all four of Wren’s Treasure Chests, and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub.

Sparks Kilowatt

This ball of energetic star light is sure to put a smile on your face. If a simple “Hello!” doesn’t send her through the roof, her rocket boots will! Earn this bundle by collecting all four of Spark’s Secret Packages, and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub.

We don’t know yet how you will be able to collect each of the items that are required for the characters. However, each character requires four cases, crates, packages, or chests to complete. Once you’ve obtained the ones you need, you will receive the entire Avatar bundle for the character.

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  1. chug jug

    Shaun Savage which champion are you choosing?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I think I’d choose Fey Yoshida, but I haven’t fully decided yet! Who are you going to pick?

      1. chug jug

        I’m going to choose Aj striker. So far he seems the most popular and youtubers like Kreekcraft are going for him too.

  2. Wing

    If we all vote for AJ striker we can get the grand prize