Midnight Ghost Hunt Available Free on the Epic Games Store

Midnight Ghost Hunt, a multiplayer hide-and-seek game, is available for free on the Epic Games Store until June 8th as part of their Mega Sale.
Midnight Ghost Hunt Red Ghost
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The Epic Games Store, known for its impressive array of free games during sales, is now offering Midnight Ghost Hunt at no charge until June 8th, as part of their ongoing Mega Sale.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a distinctive multiplayer game that involves a spectral version of hide-and-seek. The game takes place in a series of cursed locations where relentless spirits roam the halls. In response, Ghost Hunters, equipped with advanced ghost-removing technology, are dispatched to rid these locations of these spectral nuisances. The game provides players the opportunity to embody both a Ghost and a Hunter in an intense 4v4 contest between the living and the dead.

As a Ghost, players can conceal themselves within innocuous pieces of furniture to escape the Hunters. They can also use the environment to their advantage by launching telekinetic assaults against the Hunters. A seemingly innocuous chair, lamp, or grandfather clock could serve as a disguise or a weapon in this ghostly turmoil.

The game’s dynamics shift significantly when midnight strikes. During this witching hour, the Hunters become the hunted as the Ghosts receive a power boost. This inversion gives the Hunters limited time to survive the Ghosts’ vengeful onslaught.

Team play and communication are crucial in the game’s 4v4 multiplayer mode. Players can strategize together, providing insights about enemy paths and creating synergies using their team’s abilities to outsmart their adversaries.

Ghosts have access to an array of supernatural abilities. They can turn invisible, cause furniture to float, create a lethal Ghostly miasma, and even disguise themselves as a Hunter. Ghostly Perks available to players include the ability to avoid traps with Untrappable, identify nearby Hunters through walls with Perception, and possess a longer range with Ghostly Reach.

The Hunters, on the other hand, can choose their tools from an extensive assortment of high-tech gadgets designed to expel Ghosts from the mortal realm. Equipment includes the Spectrophone, Radar, and Pathfinder for ghost detection, Traps for ghost capture, and the Vacuum for the removal of spectral remains. Hunters can also obliterate ghosts with the Spectral Cannon, sledgehammers, harpoons, and salt-shooting shotguns. In addition, Hunters can select Perks to gain special advantages, such as an extra burst of speed with Lightweight or health restoration with Healing Aura.

Midnight Ghost Hunt also features an assortment of eerie maps. Players can explore unsettling settings like an abandoned theatre, a creepy mansion, and a cursed pirate ship, each with its unique tactical considerations and items. These locations provide diverse opportunities for players to execute their strategies and play tricks on their opponents.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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