Missing Letter Crossword January 1 2024 Answers (1/1/24)

Here are all of the answers to today's Missing Letter Crossword puzzle for January 1 2024 to help you finish it up!
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Our Missing Letter Crossword January 1, 2024 answers guide should help you finish today’s crossword if you’ve found yourself stuck on a crossword clue.

The Missing Letter Crossword January 1, 2024 Answers

If you need help solving the Missing Letter Crossword on 1/1/24, we’ve listed all of the crossword clues below so you can find the answer(s) you need. You can search for the clue and then select the appropriate clue to get the answer. We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!

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NOUN: "any of numerous anuran amphibians...that are distinguished from the related frogs by being more terrestrial in habitat"
Madonna movie role
NOUN: "EMPEROR: specifically : the ruler of Russia until the 1917 revolution"
GEOGRAPHICAL NAME: "city and capital of Norway"
NOUN: "a usually 3-masted Mediterranean sailing ship with long overhanging bow and stern"
Enjoyed, as a roller coaster
NOUN: "writing material (such as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased"
Move like mud
Prez Eisenhower
NOUN: "the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects"
Kept tabs on, as a package being delivered
Most sharp-witted
Besides that
Pop-ups, e.g.
Greek letter H
GEOGRAPHICAL NAME: "islands in the southwestern Pacific east of Vanuatu constituting (with Rotuma Island) an independent dominion of the Commonwealth of Nations"
NOUN: "any of various fruits of plants (genus Cucurbita) of the gourd family widely cultivated as vegetables"
3 on a short golf hole, often
NOUN: "the address of a resource (such as a document or website) on the Internet"
Her album titles include "19," "21," "25," and "30"
VERB: "to bring trouble, distress, or agitation to"
Expects to show up
Killer whale
Gobble up
Eye covers
"Much ___ About Nothing"
Idi played by Forest Whitaker in "The Last King of Scotland"
NOUN: "an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party"
Madrid museum
Part of a school yr.
"The ___ in the Iron Mask"
VERB: "to make a usually foolish or careless mistake"
NOUN: "a [person] who takes the place of an actor especially in scenes calling for nudity"
"Don't ___ fast!"
Variety of pear
NOUN: "a sinuous Polynesian dance characterized by rhythmic movement of the hips"
Eyeglasses, casually
Fill your car's tank
Potential peony, say
Naomi with two U.S. Open titles
Tim, Marcus, or Karen
"So ___!" ("Same here!")
VERB: "to make known the opinions or feelings of (oneself)"
Three-piece suit parts
"May ___ excused?"
Try out
Oscar nominee, often
Fun footwear
NOUN: "one who maintains or cares for animals in a [special facility]"
Wood-shaping tool
NOUN: "any of various tall grasses with slender often prominently jointed stems that grow especially in wet areas"
Minute ___ Park (MLB stadium)
Honolulu "hello"
NOUN: "a horny sheath protecting the upper end of each finger and toe of humans and most other primates"
Industry for many islands
Sentry's demand
Soft powder
Part of town
Most-liked, casually
VERB: "to place (different things) side by side (as to compare them or contrast them or to create an interesting effect)"
NOUN: "a 4-sided enclosure especially when surrounded by buildings"
Actress Shire of "Rocky"
NOUN: "a usually swinging or sliding barrier by which an entry is closed and opened"
NOUN: "an exhaustively talkative person"
Prepared for a big purchase, maybe
Product pitcher's activity
"Fantastic" Roald Dahl title character
"___ were saying..."
VERB: "to permeate or influence"
Street, in Santo Domingo
VERB: "to work and press into a mass with or as if with the hands"
Potential omelet
NOUN: "a circular airplane maneuver executed in the vertical plane"
Chaplin or O'Neill
Party people
Hesitating syllables

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